Why Are Rolex Watches So Expensive: A Deep Insight

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Are Rolex Watches Expensive: Money is such an essential component that decides the way you live your life. A poor person living from hand to mouth is worried about their meal, a middle-class person works hard to make his life better and a rich person spends his money to buy luxury items.

But a common question might arise in your mind? 

While the propagation of smartphones has removed the need to us to check our watches, people still wear them. Now, more than ever, the watch has cemented its place as a sign of wealth, comfort, and good taste.

As a myriad of rap songs and anecdotes can testify, Rolex is the brand which stands head and shoulders above all overs. When we imagine a rich man, he must, without fail, have a Rolex watch around his wrist.​

But why are Rolex watches so expensive? Do the marksmanship and material really justify the high price tag of, for example,$7,000 to $10,000 for the famous Rolex Submariner?​

It’s all in the ingredients.​

Watch Parts

Rolex prides itself in using SAE 904L Stainless Steel for its watches. This alloy is manufactured for heavy industrial uses.

The high quantity of nickel and chromium in SAE 904L makes it especially durable against the effects of corrosion or oxidation from the elements.

For the piping that carries the water of the whole city, the planes that carry people across continents, or for the technology that supports today’s society, SAE 904L is often the only material tough enough to handle the tasks without complaint.

This ensures that whether the jet-setting owners of a Rolex watch go through volcanoes or to the depths of the ocean, the Submariner Rolex will be able to keep up with anything you do without so much as losing its shine.​

Rolex Has a Human Touch

While undeniably unnecessary for the average user of a Rolex, it serves to show that you’re the boss when you have a watch that can tell you, precisely, what time it is while you’re diving around the Great Barrier Reef.

The employees of this Swiss company don’t need to worry about their jobs being outsourced or replaced by machines, as Rolex’ Swiss plants painstakingly dole out a line of handmade watches that are tested time after time before they go out for sale.

It is a long and arduous process for a Rolex to be sent out - an eternity compared to having an assembly line of machines or thousands of rushed hands in a factory put the components together hurriedly. Yet once it comes into your possession, your grandchildren’s grandchildren will be telling time by it with no problem.​

Unfortunately for the discriminating consumer, highly-trained perfectionistic employees don’t work cheaply.

The Price of Complete Quality Control

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All this information paints a picture of Rolex as the company obsessed with absolute quality. As tends to happen with the highest echelon of perfectionistic organizations, they have made it their mission to control every aspect of the design and manufacture of their watches.

Even though photos of the company’s interior are not easily obtained due to strict security policies, those who have entered the hallowed halls of the Swiss watchmaker’s manufacturing plants have brought back fantastical tales of a superbly stocked facility with an argosy of experts in impeccable white lab coats.​

The fact of the matter is that Rolex has practically all of the machines and technical experts it needs on site. Its company grounds are equipped with, gem-working machines, chemical labs, and even the very expensive technology to handle the high grade of steel that they put into their watches.

This way, the devices being produced now are made flawlessly and research is constantly being done to make them even better.​

So is it worth it?​

It is said that it takes a year to make a single Rolex watch. In manufacturing terms, this is an enormous investment in the product, especially when you compare this to the manufacture of the average consumer car, which automotive engineers will proudly tell you takes less than 24 hours.

Only you can say whether you’d pay $10,000 for a watch, but there is no doubt that these little machines are worth a lot more than their weight in gold.​

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