What Hand Does A Watch Go On – The Right Or The Left?

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Fashionistas, industry analysts have always stated the importance of a good wristwatch. It is a common saying in public circles that your dressing is never complete without a good wristwatch. For wearing a wristwatch, the wrist on which you wear it is of primary importance. What hand does a watch go on?

What hand does a watch go on

According to chronology experts, there is no definitive answer. The most common wrist to wear a watch on would be the left; majority of the population is said to be right-handed, and the crown of the watch is most times designed on the right, making it easy for the user to be able to adjust settings using the right hand.

There is no specific rule about the wrist to wear your wristwatch; it just solely come down to the ease of adjusting watch settings. Though in contemporary times, some new watches such as those of the digital variety comes with only buttons and so can be worn on whichever wrist you prefer, as they are easy to adjust and wear no matter the wrist. The simple hack of wearing your wristwatches is to do what appeals to you the most. If you choose to wear it on your right wrist either because you prefer it or you are left-handed, no one will give you the side-eye still.

What Hand Does A Watch Go On – Right Or Left?

On many occasions, the fashion rules to follow can be very exhausting. Do not wear these brown belts with black pants; do not wear a patterned tie on a patterned shirt. Even wearing socks in sandals or slip-on; I mean, are they that bad? With all these fashion rules, an individual progressively feels there are too many rules to follow; as for every fashion accessory, there are always rules on how they should be worn.

Wearing your watch seems as though no particular hack should be attached to it. It is not as simple as just stringing a timepiece on your hand and moving on with your routine. Over time, watch users have begun to second guess themselves. If watches should be worn on the left or right wrist? Or on the dominant or the non-dominant hand. Do these rules even change if the individual in question is a man or woman?

Online search results reveal that there are watch users who second guess themselves over the best way to wear their watches. Hence you are not alone if you have ever wondered about these questions yourself. One of the most obvious questions out there is on which wrist is one supposed to wear his or her wristwatch? Answering this question, one might think there is no hard and fast rule; one should wear wristwatches on whatever wrist feels comfortable. To not overthink, the most straightforward answer is that your watch should mostly go on your non-dominant hand.

The dominant hand is that which does most of your actions, movements, and all. It is that which is used to do most of the one hand lifting, and for most people, this refers to their right hand. They are tagged dexterous. So, if an individual is right-handed, the non-dominant side is the left hand. This is vice versa for left-handed people.




The wearing on your non-dominant hand frees up your hand to see what the time is while you are carrying out essential tasks with your dominant hand. You don’t want to spill your drink while trying to check the time because your wristwatch is strapped on your dominant hand. The debate seems to end now. But nope, some individuals prefer to wear their wristwatches due to a lot of reasons. Either for purposes of comfort or functionality. There are reasons that have overtime determined on which wrist to wear your favorite wristwatches. Some of them include:

1. The Wristwatch’s Crown:

We have been saying since the start of this compilation, the fact there is no hard rule onto which wrist on which to wear your wristwatch. This rule might have been enabled by the manufacturer of your favorite wristwatch, as there is a very high possibility they did not have a specific wrist in mind when it was designed. This issue virtually comes down to which side of the watch the CROWN is located.  This crown is the part of the wristwatch, which is useful for setting the time.

Most manufacturers design this crown to be easily manipulated by the opposite hand. This has virtually influenced the wrist on which to wear the particular wristwatch. If the top was designed on the left side of the watch, this is to make it easier for the right hand to manipulate the time; and this is also vice versa when the crown is designed on the right side of the watch.

What hand does a watch go on - The Crown

2. Availability Of Left-Handed Wristwatches

For left-handed individuals, they have been presented with another option. In contemporary times, there are entire stores of a wide range of products such as scissors, notepads, and even watches explicitly designed for left-handed individuals. Watches that are intended to be worn on the right wrist for left-handed individuals are known as DESTRO watches, and this can also be as stylish, durable, and comfortable to use as watches for right-handers.

There is no law saying wristwatches must be placed on only the right or left wrist, and most times, this decision is based solely on the preference of the user.

3. The Gender Angle

For very conversant folks, you must have heard of the saying or the assertion that men should wear their wristwatches on the right, and women should wear theirs on the left. In actual truth, no concrete evidence has been found for this rule, and everyone is free to wear any wristwatch they want. Although only women wore wristwatches till men began to wear wristwatches everywhere and the notion was thrown out the door.

4. Links To Psychology

Some psychological reasons have been adduced to an individual wearing his or her wristwatch the wrist he/she feels. There have been claims that choosing one wrist over the other to wear your wristwatch is an indication of a dominant personality, absent-mindedness, or some hidden symbolism.


Finally, in answering the question, WHAT HAND DOES THE WATCH GO ON? It can be concluded that with the developments and changing trends in the fashion industry, it is high time we finally accept there is no authorized rule to the right way of wearing your favorite wristwatches. It ultimately boils down to individual preference, as mentioned earlier. If, as a person, you are comfortable wearing your wristwatch on the right, wear it, and if you prefer wearing it on the left, you can also wear it.  No one has the monopoly of fashion rules, and no one can tell you that you are in the wrong on that.

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