Stuhrling Watches Review: Buyer’s Guide 2019

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Stuhrling Watches Review: In the world of watches, most people would assume that the great ones are from Switzerland. While this assumption is mostly correct, Swiss watches are not exactly the cheapest timepieces around.

Furthermore, not everyone is fond of paying top-notch prices for a watch and treat it like a memento, a watch that they would hope to last forever so they can hand it down to the next generation and so on.

For some, they'd merely like a watch that has a good mix of fashionability and craftsmanship, just like Invicta Watches have.

After all, fashion trends come and go, and the last thing you want is paying for an expensive watch that won't be fashionable to wear shortly.​

This is the niche in which Stuhrling watches review are trying to serve.​

Stuhrling Watches Review

Stuhrling is a unique watch company in a sense that it's a brand established back in 1999 in New York City. It carries the name of a known master watchmaker, Max Stuhrling.

For centuries, a watch is a symbol of status and wealth, a kind of possession that only the elites of the society can acquire. As technology improved, watches became common and opened new niches within the market.​

These days, some people are looking for that "old world" vibe built by modern machinery, and without the sky-high prices. For such people, Stuhrling watches are what they are looking for.

The Stuhrling brand can trace its roots back to the 80's. It was in 1999 that the company considers as the year of its rebirth.

There's a lot of history that is imbued in every Stuhrling watch. For example, the Delphi line features skeletonized designs, which were very popular in the 1900's.​

Then, there are Stuhrling watches, which carries a triple-step bezel, a feature that is very popular during the Art Deco phenomenon of the 30's and 40's.​

These days, there are already a lot of different Stuhrling watches to choose from. In fact, it's easy to feel lost on what to get. This is one of the reasons why we created this Stuhrling watches review.​

We are hoping that once you have read through our Stuhrling watches review, you have enough insight to make an intelligent purchasing decision.

1. Stuhrling Watches Review Watch #1 - Stuhrling Original Men’s HN593.33 Specialty Professional Dive Watch - Editor's Choice

One of the most striking features of this Stuhrling watch is its gorgeous metallic appearance. The great thing about this beautiful feature is it is not just for show.

The watch is mostly made of stainless steel. It comes with a unique polish which gives it a metallic masculine appearance.

This is a high-quality watch, and everything is made from high-quality materials. The case is stainless steel.

The back casing is also stainless steel. In fact, even the screws are made from stainless steel.

As this watch is designed to be a diver's watch, it is only appropriate that the primary color of the face dial is a deep sea blue. The face dial also features a matte finish, which gives it a unique look.

The protective glass that covers the face dial is made of Krysterna crystal. While it may not be the most scratch resistant face dial cover, it's still way better than the material used for most watches out there.​

If you consider the price range of this watch, then it's already a great deal as most protective glass coverings in this range are made of mineral crystal, a lower quality material.

This watch is also designed to be very water resistant. In fact, the watch is water resistant up to 200 meters.

Of course, not everything with this watch is perfect. One of the biggest sources of concern is the calendar, which may be too small.

This watch is featured on #1 on our Stuhrling Watch Review.​

2. Stuhrling Watches Review Watch #2 - Stuhrling Original Men’s 395-33B11 Aquadiver Analog Swizz Watch 

A feature that is worth mentioning is the surgical grade stainless steel used to build the case. Surgical steel is a kind of steel, which means you don't have to worry about rust shortly.

What makes surgical steel different from stainless steel is it uses a particular kind of metal that will not cause a reaction when it comes into contact with the skin.

In other words, this watch is perfect for people who have known allergies to certain kinds of metal.

The face dial is complete when it comes to giving you readings as it features hands for hours, minute, and seconds.

Furthermore, the watch is luminous. This means that you can always get a time reading even in dark conditions.

As this is technically a diver's watch, the watch is resistant up to 200 meters.

Another added feature is the screw-down crown. It's a feature that gives another layer of water protection for the watch.

When the watch is screwed down, it firmly secures the watch's internal environment from external elements.​

In fact, when it's screwed down, the bezel won't work as it's detached from the internal parts. It's a bit of an annoyance, but it does keep the watch more secure.

And honestly, you don't need to do time adjustments on a daily basis.​

If there's one thing that's concerning about this watch, it is the bracelet. If you don't take care of it, it may make a sound when it gets moved around.

This watch is featured on #2 on our Stuhrling Watch Review.​

3. Stuhrling Watches Review Watch #3 - Stuhrling Original Men’s 395-33U16 Aquadiver Analog Swizz Watch

Here's another beautiful watch from Stuhrling.

First of all, it's a diver's watch, so a lot of the features are designed for protecting the internal parts of this timepiece.

This watch is water resistant up to 200 meters. Hence, this watch works great if you are always working around water, or if your lifestyle revolves around being near water.

This watch also features a unidirectional ratcheting bezel. The bezel has markings with 5-minute intervals. This feature is useful for divers as a way of keeping track of time.

Since the bezel moves in a unidirectional manner, this reduces the chances of the bezel being accidentally moved out of place.

Another interesting feature is the screw-in crown. This is another feature that is designed to protect the internal parts of the watch.

Usually, there's a very tiny gap between the stem of the crown and the casing of the watch. It's possible for water or moisture to seep into the insides of the watch through this gap.

With the screw-in crown, it seals the hole, so water and moisture will have no point of entry.​

What's more, this watch features a luminous hand and markings. This means that even in dark conditions, you will still be able to tell the time.

When it comes to the possible concerns of this watch, you should focus on the listed weight. It's heavier than it looks.

While some like a heavier feel to their watch, others tend to hate it. This watch is featured on #3 on our Stuhrling Watch Review.​

4. Stuhrling Watches Review Watch #4 - Stuhrling-Original Men’s 571-33151 Special Reserve 571 Analog Watch

Stuhrling is known for carrying skeleton watches, and this one is one of the best. If you don't know, a skeleton watch is a kind of watch that exposes its inner gears.

A lot of people find this design feature attractive, which is why it's trendy.

The main color theme of this watch is black, with a dash of silver.

Add the fact that it's a skeleton watch, a design feature that is not very common, and you have a watch that exuberates mystery and sophistication.

The strap features a coco-embossed leather band. This particular pattern goes very well with the entire design of the watch.​

The watch is also encased in stainless steel. This means that rust won't be a problem for this watch anytime soon. The stainless steel also makes the watch durable enough to withstand everyday bumps and scratches.​

The protective glass covering of the watch is made from Krysterna crystal, which is a higher quality glass compared to the mineral crystal (the most commonly used glass covering).

This means the glass covering is hard enough to withstand simple stretches. It's a good feature considering the price range of this watch.​

Learn About: Difference Between Mechanical And Automatic Watches

If there's a cause for concern regarding this watch, then it has to be the fact that it's automatic. All mechanical watches need to be re-adjusted from time to time.

You don't have to do it very often, but it's worth mentioning as this minor hassle might be a deal breaker for you. This watch is featured on #4 on our Stuhrling Watch Review.​

5. Stuhrling Watches Review Watch #5 - Stuhrling Original Men’s 601-33351 Classic Ascot Swiss Analog Watch

If you want something that portrays simplicity, luxury, and sophistication, then this one is a good match for you.

The black and gold color theme and the slim design makes it a versatile watch. It works perfectly for occasions wherein you don't know if you are supposed to wear something casual or formal.

Aside from the great aesthetics, this one also comes with a solid build. The casing is made of stainless steel. This allows the watch to withstand the rigors of daily use.

You also don't have to worry about rust messing up the look and internal parts of the watch.

The glass covering of the face dial is also made of Krysterna crystal. As mentioned before, Krysterna crystal is not as stable when compared to sapphire crystal.

However, it is good enough to withstand scratches that may come from daily use.​

Furthermore, watches with sapphire crystals are easily two to three times more expensive compared to this watch.​

In other words, Krysterna crystal may not be the strongest, but it gives you the best value regarding price versus scratch resistance.

Also, this watch is water resistant up to 99 feet. While it is not recommended that you dive with this watch, it's perfectly fine to wear during your showers.​

If there's one feature that might cause an issue, then it has to be the straps.

The thing is, the straps are designed to be unisex. While some people might not have a problem with that, some would rather purchase something that imbues masculinity.

This watch is featured on #5 on our Stuhrling Watch Review.​

Stuhrling Watches Review - Buyer’s Guide

Providing you a list of the best watches from Stuhrling is already a great help in narrowing down your choices. We do believe that no watch is "perfect" for everyone.

Choosing the best watch for you depends on many factors like budget, purpose, and lifestyle.​

Nevertheless, we will provide you with a buyer's guide, so you will have a greater chance of picking the best watch for you and your situation.​

Stuhrling Watches Review Buyer’s Guide Factor #1 - Watch Style

When it comes to watch's style, there are a lot of different variations like dress watch, field watch, diver's watch, aviator's watch and racing watch.

However, in this buyer's guide, let's just focus on the diver's watch and dress watch as they are the most common watch styles of Stuhrling Watches.​

Diver's watch - in our recommended list above, there are five kinds of watches featured in our Stuhrling watches review.

sturhling watch collection

Originally, a diver's watch is intended for scuba divers, which is why it's loaded with functions that are geared towards underwater use.

For example, all diver's watches are water resistant.

These days, a diver's watch is a popular choice for many even though they are not actual scuba divers. This particular watch style is becoming a status symbol that is associated with luxury and prestige. It's the reason why it's the primary choice for many businesspeople and CEOs.

Hence, if you want a watch that represents your status, then a Stuhrling diver's watch is an excellent choice. Just as long as you pick either of the choices that we have listed above, it's hard to make a mistake.​

On a side note, a diver's watch is also versatile enough to be worn on casual occasions and formal business events. Even in a black tie formal, a diver's watch can also work.

Dress Watch - a dress watch is a kind of watch that is usually geared towards formal events. It's usually slim and stylish.

If you want something like this, then you can take your pick between the Stuhrling Original Men’s 601-33351 Classic Ascot Swiss and Stuhrling Original Men’s 571-33151 Special Reserve 571 Analog Watch. Both are great as dress watches.​

Stuhrling Watches Review Buyer’s Guide Factor #2 - Movement

When it comes to watch's movement, sellers usually categorize it into automatic or quartz. These are indications of the behavior in which the hands move. We will cover each one below.

* Stuhrling Watches Review Movement Factor A - Automatic -​ Automatic and mechanical watches produce a similar hand movement. It's all based on how the watch is designed from the inside. An automatic or mechanical watch has a coiled spring inside the watch.

watch movement

When the hands move, or if you wind the watch (in the case of mechanical watches), the spring gets coiled, and it slowly releases energy.

Because of the coiled spring, automatic and mechanical watches have a unique sweeping motion of the hands.

Hence, if you want a watch that has a smooth sweeping hand movement, then Stuhrling Original Men's 571.33151 Special Reserve 571 Analog Automatic Black Watch is an excellent choice.

* Stuhrling Watches Review Movement Factor B - Quartz - quartz watches are very different as they require electricity (usually in the form of a battery).

The electricity is then transferred to a quartz crystal inside the watch. The electricity will cause the quartz crystal to vibrate. The vibrations are then harnessed and converted into a pulse.

This is the reason why quartz watches display a "tick tick tick" movement.

If you prefer this kind of hand movement, then you can pick any of the listed choices except Stuhrling Original Men's 571.33151 Special Reserve 571 Analog Automatic Black Watch.

Stuhrling Watches Review Buyer’s Guide Factor #3 - Case Material

When it comes to watch's material, there a lot of varieties to choose from. However, in this buyer's guide, we will cover stainless steel and surgical stainless steel.

* Stuhrling Watches Review Case Material Factor A - Stainless steel - Most, if not all, of Stuhrling watches are made from stainless steel. As the name suggests, it's a kind of steel that is very resistant to rust.

Keep in mind that there's no such thing as steel that is completely rust-proof. Given enough time and in the right conditions, all steel will rust.

Nevertheless, Stuhrling stainless steel is of high quality, and you can expect it to resist rust for at least one lifetime (60 Years). Also, stainless steel is a great metal to use as it provides the best balance between durability and price.

If you want a stainless steel watch, than any of the five observations mentioned above is an excellent choice.

* Stuhrling Watches Review Case Material Factor B - Surgical stainless steel - this kind of stainless steel is very different from the regular stainless steel.

A surgical stainless steel is durable, and it's able to resist rusting for very extended periods. One big difference with surgical stainless steel is it's designed not to react or cause irritation to the skin.

In fact, surgical stainless steel is the same kind of material that's being introduced internally to support the bones of the body.​

Hence, if your skin becomes itchy or produces redness when it comes into contact with certain metals, then you might want to pick the Stuhrling Original Men's 395.33B11 Aquadiver Regatta Analog Swiss Quartz Stainless Steel Link Bracelet Watch as it's the only watch on our list that is made from surgical steel.​

Stuhrling Watches Review Buyer’s Guide Factor #4 - Water Resistance

Another feature that we'd like to include in our buyer's guide is water resistance. Some people might think that it's not a big deal just as long you don't shower or swim with your watch.

The thing is, water resistance is not only meant to protect the watch from water, but it's for moisture protection.

Without a water resistance feature, even the sweat and moisture from your skin can penetrate the watch. When this happens, the clock may not be completely broken, but the moisture will fog up the glass.

water resistant

This is why we suggest that even if you have no plans of taking a dip with a watch, it's best that you have one that has a decent water resistance feature.​

* Stuhrling Watches Review Water Resistance Factor A - Top-notch water resistance, we consider timepieces that are designed to be water resistant up to 200 meters as "top-notch."

These kinds of watches are great if you are constantly around water or if you are a scuba diver.​

Keep in mind that the extra water resistance feature comes with a higher price. Hence, it's up to you if the extra protection is worth paying with your lifestyle and preference.​

If you want top-notch water resistance, then there are diver's watches listed above that are great as they feature 200 meters of water resistance.

* Stuhrling Watches Review Water Resistance Factor B - Functional water resistance - if you don't want to pay extra for a feature that you might not use, then a useful water resistance feature is a great option.

The Stuhrling Original Men’s 571-33151 Special Reserve 571 Analog Watch for the Stuhrling Original Men’s 601-33351 Classic Ascot Swiss Analog Watch offers a decent amount of water resistance.​

It's not advisable that you dip these watches in water for extended periods of time.

However, the water resistance is enough to protect the watch from daily exposure to moisture and water. It's even good enough to wear while you shower.​

Stuhrling Watches Review Buyer’s Guide - Final Words

In closing, we'd like to point out again that there's no such thing as a "perfect" watch for everyone. Each one of us has different lifestyles, budget, wants, and preferences.

Hence, the most suitable watch for you is the one that can gather the most advantages and comes with the least disadvantages about the factors you deem necessary.

While having a lot of options can get confusing, it also allows you to optimize your choices, so you will arrive at a watch that will give you the best "bang for your buck."

It's our hope that after reading through our Stuhrling Watches review, we have provided you with enough details to help you make a smart purchasing decision.​

Hope you like our stuhrling watches review and buyer's guide. Please share it on your social profiles by using the buttons below.

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