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Having been in the market since 1989, Skagen is among top-notch watch brands that offer both exceptional quality and fashion conscious models. Despite opening doors this year, it is not until 1992 that Skagen put their first watch in the market. Read through this Skagen watches review and understand the brand better. To crown it off, there are reviews of selected watches, and you might find the right one for you herein.

Skagen watches review

Over the years, this manufacturer has evolved to keep up with technological advancements and emerging trends in the watch production realm. Skagen has grown to demystify the myth that the best watches come from Switzerland and their alone. Based in Denmark, this brand has grown to cater to the needs of watch lovers from different parts of the world.

Although it stands on its own, Skagen operates under fossil another renowned brand. In 2012, Fossil made a move to acquire this Denmark based brand, but they did not dissolve it. Some of the countries that this manufacturer operates include; several states of the United States of America, Denmark, Japan and among others. If you are not from these countries, do not worry, online shopping stores have your back.

An important question that you ought to have in the back of your mind is whether watches from this manufacturer are good. Reviews done on their models, as well as the general reputation of the company, should help you answer that question exhaustively.

Skagen Men's Sundby Quartz Analog Stainless Steel and Mesh Watch, Color: Grey (Model: 233XLTTN)
Skagen Men's Sundby Quartz Analog Stainless Steel and Mesh Watch, Color: Grey (Model: 233XLTTN)
Featuring a 37MM Round titanium case, with a blue dial. and a Three Hand Date display; Water resistant up to 30m: Will withstand splashes in water
Skagen Men's Kristoffer Multi Quartz Leather Watch Color: Black IP/Black, 22 (Model: SKW6499)
Skagen Men's Kristoffer Multi Quartz Leather Watch Color: Black IP/Black, 22 (Model: SKW6499)
Genuine black leather band with buckle closure; interchangeable with all Skagen 22mm bands
Skagen Melbye - SKW6506 Black One Size
Skagen Melbye - SKW6506 Black One Size
Watch Sizing Guide; Your handsome features will be amplified wearing the Skagen® Melbye watch.
Skagen Women's Freja Quartz Analog Stainless Steel and Leather Watch, Color: Black (Model: 358XSSLBC)
Skagen Women's Freja Quartz Analog Stainless Steel and Leather Watch, Color: Black (Model: 358XSSLBC)
Black, leather band. 12MM with a Single Prong Strap Buckle closure; Water resistant up to 30m: Will withstand splashes in water
Skagen Women's SKW2482 Ancher Blue Leather Watch
Skagen Women's SKW2482 Ancher Blue Leather Watch
Lifetime Limited Warranty; Band Width: 12 mm; Analog-quartz Movement; Case Diameter: 30mm
Skagen Connected Falster 2 Stainless Steel and Silicone Touchscreen Smartwatch, Color: Black (Model: SKT5100)
Skagen Connected Falster 2 Stainless Steel and Silicone Touchscreen Smartwatch, Color: Black (Model: SKT5100)
Smartwatches powered with Wear OS by Google work with iPhone and Android Phones; Connectivity: Bluetooth Smart Enabled / 4.1 Low Energy

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Characteristics of Skagen Watches that Make Them Stand Out

Each brand brings a unique feature to the table to entice the target market. Skagen is among brands that carry more than one rare quality. Some of the aspects that elevate the place of models from this manufacturer in the market include but are not limited to;

  • Years of experience – nothing assures a watch buyer more than the period that a manufacturer has been in the market. An exemplary track record and years of quality work supported by numerous positive reviews are among the many reasons for Skagen’s popularity in the market. For the buyer, this element is a plus since they can make an informed decision based on testimonials from other users. Having been in the market for a prolonged period, Skagen has an array of models that interested parties get to choose from. Many different reasons regarding years in the market work to this brand’s advantage too.
  • Pricing – Skagen has a variety of models, each n different price ranges. Affordable watches are availed, and so are the high-end ones. Depending on your budget, therefore, you can bag a watch from this designer hassle-free. Some reviews indicate that pricing is heavily dependent on quality, but the same cannot be said for this manufacturer since they put the effort in all their designs. Skagen watches compare price reviews are the best to collect data from.
  • Variety – many Danish-inspired designed, among others, are available from this designer. You are spoilt for choice if you are looking to purchase a watch from them. Diversity is availed in the operating mechanisms used to propel the daily functions of the watch, color, and materials used among others.
  • Quality – one element that has put this brand on the map is the quality of materials that they use to manufacture their designs. All the parts down to the intricate bits have been rated to be among the best in the market. While going through reviews of Skagen watches pay keen attention to comments made regarding the quality of the different parts of the piece you are interested in.
  • Up to date – models released into the market by this firm conform to the prevailing trends in the market. This factor has enabled them to remain relevant in the market and satisfy the needs of their target audience aptly. So whatever type of watch you are after, be sure to check this manufacturer and see what they have for you.
  • Ease of access to products – Skagen operates out of countable cities in the world, but their watches are available globally. Through partnerships with virtual stores, the manufacturers of this product ensure that you are catered to irrespective of where you are — leading online retailers such as Amazon and eBay list an array of models created by Skagen.

Many other factors not discussed herein vouch to the authenticity of products designed by this manufacturer.

Top 3 Skagen Watch Reviews for Men – 2020

Skagen has a decent number of men watches in the market. The best way to know about their products is by reading reviews, and that means you are in the right place. Here, you will learn about selected watches designed by them.

1. Skagen Men’s Sundby Quartz Watch

Skagen Men's Grenen Quartz Titanium and Stainless Steel Mesh Casual Watch, Color: Grey (Model: 233XLTTN)

Before we dive into the specifications of this well-designed piece, it is vital to note that you can purchase a new or used one. Your budget dictates which option is ideal for you!

The perfect blend of colors coupled with exceptional artistry is among the benefits of getting this timepiece. The case is made of titanium, and it encases a blue dial color, which goes around thirty-seven millimeters. The thickness for this part is eight millimeters, and this allows the watch to be extremely lightweight.

Silver-toned hands and Arabic numerals complement the blue dial. This makes the watch stand out and grab the attention of other people. Reviewers on Amazon have agreed that heads have turned on several occasions to catch a glimpse of this masterpiece.

The material used to design the clasp is gunmetal-plated stainless steel. It is meshed and is held in place by a fold-over pin that has a safety. The length is the men’s standard, while the width is twenty-two millimeters.

Japanese quartz is the engine behind the functioning of this timepiece. Water-resistance is up to a depth of thirty meters. This means that this product can withstand brief immersions in water but cannot be worn while swimming or showering.

You get a lifetime warranty when you buy this model. The piece goes for less than one hundred dollars, therefore affordable to a decent number of people.


2. Skagen Men’s Kristoffer Quartz Watch

Skagen Men's Kristoffer Multi Quartz Leather Watch Color: Black IP/Black, 22 (Model: SKW6499)

Skagen is a brand that boasts of offering pieces that do more than just tell the time, and this Kristoffer multifunction watch is a testimony to that statement. Multiple reviews left by wearers of this watch indicate that it looks like an expensive model yet it cost just slightly above one hundred bucks.

The exceptional design has contributed significantly to the popularity of this 42mm watch. The dial’s size is ideal for a wide range of people since it is not large or small. The case thickness is 8mm and is made of stainless steel.

The dial is black and acts as a perfect background to the white and yellow color combos of the different parts of the watch. The many markers and hands of this watch have proved to be a challenge for some people as it interferes with readability.

The band is made of leather and is in the men’s standard length while the width is 22mm. The straps can be replaced when worn out with is a plus for you.

The water has been designed to endure immersion in water for activities such as swimming and showering but is not ideal for extreme ones like diving and snorkeling. This piece fits with casual wear perfectly and can also be worn for certain formal occasions.

The movement type employed by the designers is Japanese quartz; hence, you are assured of accurate time.


3. Skagen Men’s Melbye Watch

Skagen Men's Melbye Three-Hand Day-Date Black-Tone Stainless Steel Watch SKW6506

Designed with an adjustable silicone strap, the men’s Melbye is a model you might be interested to know more about, especially if you going for the outdoors casual look. The colors used to stand out from the black background that is the dial. The display type for this product is analog, and it is easy to read.

The diameter of the dial is 40mm while its thickness is 6mm; hence can be worn comfortably by people with small wrists. It is made of sandblasted stainless steel, which complements your look when you opt for this watch.

The band, which is made of black silicone, has a width of 22mm. It is adjustable and has a clasp closure. Momentary splashes and immersion in water of up to 50 meters are appropriate for this model.


Top 3 Skagen Watch Reviews for Women – 2020

Skagen is an inclusive brand that provides elegant timepieces for both men and women. There are many pieces embrace elegance with their simple designs and craft that you can find from this manufacturer. Whether you are buying it for yourself or gifting someone, you have an entire catalog to choose from. Reviewed below are some of the watches designed by Skagen that are both pocket-friendly and ideal for many functions.

1. Skagen Women’s Ancher Quartz Watch

Skagen Women's Freja Quartz Stainless Steel and Leather Casual Watch, Color: Silver-Tone, Black (Model: 358XSSLBC)

Skagen pride themselves in designing watches that are classy and affordable. This women’s watch is pocket-friendly and has outstanding features, which may be just what you are looking for.

The case is made of stainless steel and goes around twenty-three millimeters. The thickness of the case is six millimeters which makes the watch lightweight. Of the many reviews left on Amazon, sixty-eight percent are five-star reviews, with only ten percent being one star.

This watch has a superior design thanks to the Swaroski indicators set on the bright chrome backdrop. The band, which is in the women’s standard length and has a width of 12mm, is made of leather.

The analog quartz movement is utilized for functionality. Additionally, this watch is resistant to a depth of thirty meters. Rain and brief splashes of water are what this endurance allows for; immersion in water no matter how short it is not advisable.

The pricing of this model is fair, and if you cannot afford the new ones available, then you may think of buying the used pieces.


2. Skagen Women’s Anita Quartz Watch

Skagen Women's Anita Quartz Stainless Steel Mesh Watch, Color: Silver, 12 (Model: SKW2149)

Meshed stainless steel bands are popular among Skagen models. Anita is the name of this product, which gives the wearer an edge due to the harmonious blend of monochrome colors. Testimonial from buyers of this watch indicates that seventy percent of them were impressed by what was delivered, and they gave five-star reviews.

If you are a minimalist with an eye for classic pieces, then you may want to check this one out. The dial is made of stainless steel and has a diameter of thirty millimeters. The thickness is 6.7mm, and the watch has been reviewed to fit snugly.

The band has a width of 12mm and a length of 8mm. To be sure that this model will fit perfectly, check the sizing guide after measuring your wrists. The band color, just like the dial, is silver. The water-resistance of 30m that this model allows can withstand splashes and brief immersions in water but cannot withstand activities such as swimming.


3. Skagen Women’s Ancher Watch

Skagen Women's SKW2482 Ancher Blue Leather Watch

The classic look this watch feature is one of the main factors that it has sold to a broader audience. The colors brought together to complement each other a great deal, and this, in turn, raises the aesthetic value of this model.

The case done in a beautiful gold-tone is made of stainless steel. The diameter is thirty millimeters while the thickness is seven millimeters. The display type is analog featuring hands and markers done in gold tones as well. The background is white helping illuminate the gold accents.

The band is made of blue leather and is the women’s standard in length. Its width is 11.94mm; this, coupled with the 30mm dial, makes this watch ideal for women with relatively small wrists.

Water-resistance is up to 50m. You can wear the watch while undertaking activities such as recreational swimming and bathing, but it is not ideal for diving or snorkeling. The warranty lasts a lifetime and covers for most, if not all, the damages and malfunctioning that the watch may have.


Skagen Smartwatch Review – 2020

Skagen has released into the market a series of smartwatches and this review would be incomplete without a mention of this creation. Bold colors and cutting edge technology have been used in the development of this series making them a favorite among smartwatch enthusiasts.

Customers who have bought designs from the smartwatch series agree that they have much to be desired but are not perfect. One of the watches that you are likely to get in many online stores is the one discussed below.

1. Skagen Connected Falster 2 Smartwatch

Skagen Connected Falster 2 Stainless Steel and Silicone Touchscreen Smartwatch, Color: Black (Model: SKT5100)

Technology has made it easier for many features found on other portable devices such as cellphones to be transferred to watches. The Falster series, which this watch is a part of, has many options for you, especially regarding color.

This model works with both Android and iOS operating systems. Some of the functions that it has included; heart rate tracking, Google pay, smartphone notifications, GPS, microphone, and music controls among others.

The case is made of stainless steel, as is familiar with Skagen watches. It has a diameter of 40mm and 11mm thickness. The dial is black, and the digital display pops up in white.

The strap is made of silicone and measures somewhere between one hundred and ninety-five and two hundred and five millimeters. The black band is 20mm in width. Water-resistance is up to a maximum of six hundred and sixty feet.



Q: Do Skagen watches have good qualities?

A: Yes. Multiple reviews on the internet done on the different models indicate that they are designed with high-quality materials and craft. They are also said to be long-lasting.

Q: Are all Skagen designs minimalist?

A: No. most of their creations are minimalist, but not all. Their official website is the best place for you to explore all options available to you regarding designs.

Q: What bands types are available for watches from this manufacturer?

A: Different materials are used to design the bands. You can choose from their leather, silicone, or stainless steel straps.

Q: Does this manufacturer design smartwatches?

A: Yes, they do. On the official site, you will be able to find an array of watches in this category.

Q: Are leather strapsreplaceable on Skagen Watches?

A: Yes, they are. If your strap is worn out, you can replace it on your own or find a specialist to do it for you.


Skagen has been in the market for an extended period and has always delivered excellent quality watches to the market. A Skagen watch review is intrinsic before you go out shopping, as it will help you make an informed decision. Make sure you read the terms and conditions of the warranty of the watch you are buying as well as the return policy of the shipping company you use to get the watch to you.

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