Seiko SKX009 Review: The Goods and Bads

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If you are a watch lover like me, you must have been through the Seiko Brand. It is a Japanese company that mainly deals with watches and clocks.

Moreover, it also manufactures electronic devices, semiconductors, and optical products.

However, people mostly know Seiko for its watches, and here I am going to provide you the insider of Seiko SKX009 watch.​

Don’t want to read? No problem, check out the video below:

What I notice is this SKX009 Model by Seiko is a variation of SKX007, the only difference between these two watches are their colors and the design of bezels, and everything else remains the same​. I have discussed this in detail below. Keep Reading.

Seiko SKX009 Review

The Seiko SKX-009 watch that you might have seen on the wrist of many people, is truly become an iconic product.

The SKX009 watch is a varied version of the earlier product.

The design makes a person re-call the 60s models of Seiko’s automatic divers watch.

So, this one is also a watch with elegant design and make for the diver’s use.

By offering water resistance of around 200 meters, this watch is perfect if you are a scuba diver.​

​Furthermore, the person who plays water sports can benefit a lot from it. The ISO certification (Diving Watch) tag that comes along with the watch defines its standards and quality. Learn more about the ISO certificate here

There is nothing better to prove the significance, durability, elegance and design of this watch. Here in this Seiko SKX009 study, I will highlight some features of this watch that are worth looking at.


Seiko SKX009 On Wrist

I have already talked much about the watch, how it looks and its significant features, so without wasting more time. Let’s jump into the the watch details.


Seiko Skx009 Bracelet

If you are a person who is too much conscious about the bracelet, you may not like it. But it works fine for the people who are not really concerned regarding the bracelet.

seiko skx007 bracelet


It is durable and catchy and it it provides highest quality.

However, I prefer tight fit so that might be why I did not really love it. This is a condition that it is appropriate for people that love loose fit watches.

People who go for the tight fit may not find it much fine. Therefore, I often wear it on a NATO, Perlon material or a Rubber Strap.​ However, Removing a bracelet one clasp is also a good idea. If you have similar conditions, this guide might be useful for you.

Seiko SKX009 Bezel

As I mentioned earlier in this Seiko SKX-009 guide, this watch is highly recommended to divers and fishermen. The important feature of a diver’s watch is its bezel.


This watch features a 120 click uni-directional bezel. You may not find a watch with this in such affordable price bracket.

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This is something that makes this watch superior to the other brackets that fall in the same price list.

As far as the feel of the bezel is concerned, it is easy to move and gives you a pretty much precise feeling.

The noticeable part is that unlike other cheap bezels, this one does not seem to be too loose.​

Seiko SKX009 Case

The case is, arguably, the major component of the watch. If you possess the knowledge about watches, you would know that this part of the watch has to possess strength in it.

Fortunately, I found that the case of this Seiko watch is pretty much sturdy and robust.

The brushed top with the blend of two colors and the premium finishing of polished sides makes this watch look much more expensive than its actual price.



The case back possesses the “tsunami medallion” mark which is common on Seiko diver’s watches. In case, if you have to open the back case of your watch, make sure to first read these precautions.

​Moreover, there is also a mark “Scuba Diver’s” which is put there due to the ISO 6425 certification. The crown is not at the center.

Instead, to give it an enhanced look, it is positioned at 4’o Clock. It is tucked away which makes it less prone to impacts. However, this does not let the crown dig in your wrists.

Seiko SKX009 Dial

This Seiko SKX009 guide shall remain incomplete, if we do not discuss about the dial of this watch. If you love fancy and stylish dials, this might not be your best pick.

However, if you find simple dials attractive, you can go for this watch.

seiko skx007 dialseiko skx007 back

It features a simple and basic dial. Yet it puts up a great impact on the watch. Readability through the dial is also great.

At every five minutes interval, you can see the Seiko’s super bright lume which makes it readable in dark.


The hands also come with the lume coating with the arrow-style minute hand. There is a line deep in a case which marks every minute. The day and date also appear at 3’o clock.​

Seiko SKX009 Movement

The movement feature is worth looking at in this Seiko SKX-009 analysis. The work-horse Seiko 7s26 movement works at the back end of SKX009. If you have no idea what is Seiko 7s26 movement. You can find its details at watch wiki.

It provides power to both hands along with the day-date display.

Although it is not the most accurate of machines, it is still durable and long lasting. The magic lever system keeps your system working whether the rotor is rotating clockwise or anti-clockwise.

People may wear it for as long as 10 years without service and it may still work fine.

Why I choose Seiko SKX009 watch​

After this Seiko SKX009 inspection, you may ask why I choose this watch? Well, it is durable and strong. The ISO 6425 certificate defines its quality.

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This is a stamp of the standards of this watch. Moreover, I often go for scuba diving, fishing, pools and also involved in water sports.

Therefore, this was the perfect choice for me.

However, for your ease, I will list the pros and cons below.


  • Simple but attractive design
  • Vintage look provides a throwback of Seiko’s 60s models
  • The 4’o Clock crown that does not dig in the wrist
  • The 7s26 durable and long lasting movement
  • Overall watch is tough and durable
  • Looks stunning if you wear it on a NATO strap


  • The Jubilee bracelet is not of the highest quality
  • The hand winding feature on the movement is not available
  • The accuracy of 7s26 is not appropriate as it adds a few seconds to your time each day


Final words

So, this was the Seiko SKX009 review. By looking at the information above, you can evaluate whether this watch is appropriate for you or not.

If you ask me, I would say that as a diver you may not find a better watch than this one in this price range.

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