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Parnis is a relatively new brand in the market, but it has been able to garner a following due to their affordable prices, among other factors. This Parnis watch review tracks the growth of the company since its inception in 2005. Additionally, a selected number of watches from this manufacturer will be reviewed to give you a gist of what they are all about.

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Parnis is a Chinese model with its headquarters in Hong Kong. The models are assembled in the industrial district of china and after that shipped to other parts of the world. The pricing for their pieces, which consists mainly of self-winding models, is fair. If you are looking for a mechanical watch on a budget, Parnis is your go-to manufacturer.

Although many assessments done on watch brands are usually positive, Parnis has both negative and positive reviews making it easier for you to choose your preferred model knowing the pros and cons of each.

Factors to Consider Before Buying

Parnis has an extensive collection of watches that are ideal for different functions and attires. You must have an idea of what you are interested in, or you will have a difficult time choosing one model. Some of the factors that should guide you in getting the right match for you are:


Set a budget and try to stick to it. This aspect will help you know what models are within the confines of your pocket, hence easier to narrow down your options. It is highly recommended that you consider the shipping costs if you are in a different region from the store you are buying from.

Movement type

Different designs are made using different moving mechanisms, and you should be privy to info regarding this aspect to be able to pick the correct model. Care and maintenance of the type of watch you buy is also an important aspect to know before purchasing a given model. The display type should also be considered along this aspect of the movement. Analog displays give you an edge while digital ones allow for easy readability.

Materials used

The various watch parts are designed using different kinds of materials. Read widely and decide what content you want for the strap, dial, and buckle beforehand. The search is narrowed down considerably when these factors have already been agreed on.


There are many sizing guides on the World Wide Web that you can use to determine the appropriate dimensions for you. But first, you must know how to measure your wrist. Determining the size helps you settle on a timepiece that will look good on you.


The reasons you are contemplating buying a watch plays a vital role in deciding which type to go with. For everyday use, consider your occupation and the risks available in your work environment for your timepiece. The choice of materials assembled to make the watch will also be simplified by knowing what you want the watch for.


This aspect is a must consider if you want a comfortable piece that you can wear without getting tired or noticing that you have something on your wrists.

Product Specifications and Warranty

All brands in the market strive to have one or two signature marks on their models. This way, even without the brand name, you would be able to know who the designers of the watch are. Parnis has a few characteristics that make their pieces stand out, and although they may not be unique features, they own it so well. Some of the typical features of most if not all models from this designer are;


Watches are bound to malfunction or get damaged earlier than anticipated. Some even get to you with multiple issues, and the manufacturer has to fix that problem for you. Parnis offers warranties depending on the model you buy. Top tier watches attract guarantees of more extended periods than their counterparts that sell for a lower price.

The return policy is also a critical point that you should not neglect reading through. Both for the virtual or brick and mortar store you are buying from and the official company website. If you are wary or unsure about any of the terms listed, engage the customer support staff and ensure that they are agreeable to you before making a purchase.


A decent number of watches from this manufacturer have the mechanical system, which in turn informs the pricing. Although automatic watches may seem like their stronghold, they do have other types of movement systems as well such as quartz. Self-winding watches are known to be pricey, but this manufacturer offers you some of their models at very competitive rates.


This watch company is keen on availing a wide variety of models in the market evident from their many collections. The display type and a cautious mix of colors are among the design assortments that you will come across. Other factors regarding design, such as the materials used and the craft, are also essential, and Parnis has proved that they can offer a collection of each.


This noteworthy aspect is essential to note because Parnis does not brand all their models on the dial as most manufacturers do. You can purchase a model from this brand without having to carry their name on your wrists. They also sell their parts to other manufacturers, and you can get a Parnis designed watch assembled by another brand of your choice.

One thing you should know is that this manufacturer designs products in two categories. Some are top tier, while others are low-end products. Certain elements put these two categories apart — the differences are as listed in the table below.

Cheap Models Premium
Price Anywhere from $49 to $109 Prices start at $149
Warranty No guarantees are given Warranty of up to 24 months is given
Packaging No packaging Official Parnis packaging is used to wrap the timepieces
Glass Mineral glass Sapphire glass
Parts Parts are sourced from different manufacturers One hundred authentic Parnis parts are used to make them
Quality control None The company has individual quality control on all parts
Lubrication None Is done before shipment
Water resistance No The various models that fall are designed to endure water
Casing Zinc alloy 316L stainless steel
Straps Synthetic Genuine leather, nylon, or stainless steel
Customer support None offered Available

From the distinctions listed above, you can tell which versions will suit your needs best. Also, when reading Parnis watches reviews, you will be able to know whether the reviewer bought a premium piece or the low-end ones.

Top 5 Men’s Parnis Watch Reviews – 2021

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With each wake, Parnis releases new models into the market. You can opt to go for their earlier models or jump in the bandwagon and get the newly released ones. With years in the market, significant improvements have been made, and if you are an avid watch enthusiast, you will notice this element.

Parnis automatic watch reviews have pointed to some models looking like imitations of renowned brands such as Rolex, and that is a turn off to some people. You can avoid those watches that borrow heavily from other labels and stick to Parnis models that offer the unique qualities of the brand.

While looking at the watches we have selected below, you will notice that most of them are not available on the site. Even when you find them, the brand name is not Parnis, but the emblem on the dial tells you that.  We are just as curious as yourself to understand the reason behind this. But before then, let’s see what Amazon has to offer for the gents sold by third-party vendors on the site.

1. Solid PARNIS Quartz Men’s Watch Full Chronograph

WHATSWATCH Solid 39mm PARNIS Quartz Men's Watch Full Chronograph White dial Luminous Sapphire Glass Black Bezel Stop Watch Men

The brand/seller for this model is recognized as Whatscar; the manufacturer, however, is Parnis. It is among the high-end models created by this company. The case and band are both made of 316L stainless steel.

The case diameter is 39mm, while the thickness is 13.3mm. The top is covered with sapphire glass, and the dimensions for the band are; width of 20m, and the length is men’s standard.

The silver, black, and white color combos make this watch bold. This piece has a chronograph feature and water endurance of up to 50m; hence can be useful in light sporting activities.

The movement types Japanese quartz. Warranty For this piece, as listed on their official website, is twenty-four months.


2. PARNIS ST2530 Automatic Men’s Watch PA-01140

Whatswatch 43MM PARNIS ST2530 Automatic Self-Wind Movement Black dial Power Reserve Men's Watch Leather Strap PA-01140

This model is available on, but the brand/seller is listed as Whatwatch, but the name on the dial indicates that it is a Parnis model. Typical of models from this company, this design is made to operate using the self-winding mechanism.

The watch is black with silver-tone markers and hands on the dial, breaking the monotony of color. The case is 43mm and 14mm thick. The strap is made of leather and measures 22mm in width, but the length has not been provided anywhere by the manufacturers and sellers.

The Benzel material is scratch-proof mineral glass, and the water resistance is up to thirty meters. The pricing even with shipping costs added, is less than two hundred dollars. For the qualities this watch has, you will not regret spending. This model does not have any reviews on Amazon; consider finding more info especially client testimonials from other sources.


3. WhatsWatch Parnis Men’s Watch PA-0054

WhatsWatch 40mm Parnis Sapphire Glass GMT Master Red&Black Bezel Men Automatic Watch PA-0054

Swiss automatic movement timepieces excite some watch lovers, and this manufacturer has ensured that they have collections designed with this technology to serve the needs of such individuals.

This timepiece stands out due to the seamless combination of colors used for the different parts. The dial is black with white markings and multicolored hands that allow for easy readability. These delicate parts of this watch are covered by sapphire glass and a 316L stainless steel case. The case has dimensions of 40mm by 14mm.

The Benzel is made of ceramic and has numerals in white while the part is divided into red and black. The band is made of stainless steel and is silver in color. It has a width of 20mm, but the length has not been listed as specs of this piece by the seller.

The water forbearance level is 30m, which makes it unsafe to dip this product in water. The manufacturer gives a guarantee of twenty-four months. Reviews left by people who have had an experience with this watch indicate that Parnis did a great job. The cost of this timepiece makes it all worthwhile as it is affordable.


4. Parnis Sapphire Glass White Dial Milgauss Style Automatic Men’s Watch PA-0052

Parnis Sapphire Glass White Dial Milgauss Style Automatic Men’s Watch PA-0052

This model is yet another self-winding piece from Parnis. This timepiece is audacious and has been designed by skilled people. It has been noted that this model sponges a lot of its looks from a Rolex model. This fact may not augur well with watch lovers who value authenticity.

Other than the mechanical movement system, this watch has other intriguing features that have contributed immensely to its high ratings. The case is made of 316L stainless steel and has measurements of 40mm by 14mm.

The dial has a white background which works perfectly to illuminate the various shades of orange used for the markings and hands. The dial window is done using sapphire glass, which is the same material for the Benzel area.

The dimensions, coupled with the materials used to create this Milgauss style timepiece, contribute to its heaviness. Similar to the case, the band is made of stainless steel. The width of the strap is half the diameter of the case. The band is joined together by a deployment clasp.


5. PARNIS Automatic Movement Men’s Watch PA-01160

WhatsWatch Parnis 44mm Black Blue Sterile Dial Ceramic Rotating Luminous Marks Bezel Automatic Movement Men's Watch Stainless Steel Band PA-01160

Some of the features listed as special for this model include but are not limited to; luminous marks and hands, second hand, and a screw-down crown. The luminosity of the markings works well with the black and blue dial and elevates the worth of this watch considerably.

The Benzel material is ceramic, while its function is unidirectional. The case material is stainless steel with 44mm in diameter and 18mm in thickness. These measurements indicate that this timepiece is bulky; thus may not be an appropriate fit for men with small wrists.

Parnis is known to use stainless steel o design most of their straps, and this model is among the many. The width of the band is 22mm, while the color is silver. The movement type is Japanese automatic which has been ranked among the best.

The water resistance level is 100m, and this watch has a warranty of 24 months. The Amazon listing has no reviews yet, but other sites that retail this product have received numerous positive assessments.



Q: Are all Parnis watches mechanical?

A: No. the company boasts of being the largest manufacturer of mechanical watches, but they use other movement types as well.

Q: Where can I get the best Parnis watches reviews?

A: There are many sites on the internet that offer both positive and negative reviews on watches. To verify the claims of these sites, read through reviews left by people who have bought watches from this company.

Q: Where are Parnis watches made?

A: They are made in China. Their headquarters are in Hong Kong, and the manufacture is done in the industrial district of Guangzhou.

Q: How can I tell the high-end models apart from the cheap ones?

A: The pricing of the piece, materials used to design them, and the warranty offered is among the elements that will guide you on whether the model you are interested in is premium or not.

Q: Which stores sell Parnis models?

A: many stores stock this brand, but a good number of them are not in the US. The best virtual store to buy models from this company is its official website. Amazon Canada and UK also offer an array of premium models as well. Search the internet for a retailer in your area of residence, and you will find one. Always remember to check the shipping rates and return policy offered by every online store.

Final Thoughts

This company has many watches as recorded by this Parnis watch review and many others on the internet; the biggest challenge that you may face, however, is where to buy them, primarily if you reside in the United States of America. Most of the models, if not all that you will find listed on Amazon, are from other retailers and not Parnis.

If luck is not on your side, consider buying from the site or through Amazon shops in other countries. You might also check your local jeweler shops to see if they stock models from this company, and you may find the model just for you. The low-end pieces are not recommended, and you should avoid them at all costs.

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