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MVMT Watches Review: Watches are considered as a fashion staple. Wearing a good wrist watch will always turn a decent get up into a great one!

So, we have been asked several times about the MVMT Watches Review and moreover, what makes a great watch and what watch will best fit us and our lifestyles?​

​Of course, this will depend on what you need the watch to do. And yet, it has to be attractive on your wrist as well.

Also, a nice case, bracelet, and overall design would be a plus.


Since there are hundreds of thousands of watches that you can buy both from online shopping and by going to the store yourself, we will help you lower down your choices by featuring some of the best watches from a well-known brand.​

In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at MVMT Watches Review.

MVMT Watches Review 2019

Since MVMT established its watch company in June 2013, it has quickly become a brand that people all over the world see as stylish and hip. (Source: CNBC)

​The brand (MVMT Watches) has been featured in Business Insider, BuzzFeed, Inc., Entrepreneur, and countless other magazines and blogs that are dedicated to cover the latest and biggest trends.

Although MVMT Watches is not very old to the scene, its popularity skyrocketed because of how cool and minimalist their designs look.

MVMT watches featured on

Pair that with a reasonable price tag, and people will surely find it hard to resist buying one or even two. This is what is happening as of late.​

To date, the company sold over 100k watches, and that’s just in a relatively short span of time (Source: YOTPO).

MVMT Watches review even won the contest, Build-A-Business, of Shopify. Dozens of watches are available for selection and purchase.​

There are also models that fit specifically for men and women. Although there are not a lot of watch designs to choose from, the company offers myriads of interchangeable colours and straps.​

Model NumberCase
MVMT Silver Black Leather MM01BSL Watch
Editors Choice
45 millimetersBuckle100 Feet


Invicta 0072 Pro Watch45 millimetersFold over clasp100 Feet


MVMT Gold Case Men MM01WGL Watch45 millimetersBuckle100 Feet


Model NumberCase

1. MVMT Silver Black Leather MM01BSL Watch – Editor’s Choice

Most of the timepieces that people are going crazy about are insanely expensive.

We find this annoying because most of them just want the watches for their hefty price tags and the status symbol that goes along with them.

They are not looking into buying a watch for its bells and whistles, but for the brand instead.​

If you are like us, we love watches that are clean and simple, which is why we have featured this Silver Black Leather MM01BSL in our MVMT watches review.

We are not just digging it for its minimalist look, but also for the quality of the materials that are used in its construction. What’s more, you won’t have to take on another job and work long hours just to put a luxury watch on your wrist!

Feature At Glace:

This classic MM01BSL that we are featuring here has a black leather band that is 24 mm long and a buckle made of silver stainless steel.

The silver case also made of stainless steel has a diameter of 45 mm. It has a mineral glass face, making it a solid watch to wear every single day.

​MVMT Silver Black Leather MM01BSL Watch Review

What is great about this MVMT model is that it works well when you are in the office and when you are just having a casual, laid-back day.

Yes, it is that versatile. We recommend this watch if you are looking for a classic timepiece that is not too bulky.

If you have a small wrist, the last thing you’d want is a behemoth watch to weigh you down.

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What we have are all praises for this one. If you are tight on budget, control yourself and only buy the number of watches that your budget allows.

  • Clean, Minimalist Design
  • Thin Depth
  • Leather Strap
  • Affordable Price


2. MVMT White Face Men L2131B131 Watch – Best Stylish Watch

The MVMT L2131B131 is on the second number for our MVMT Watches Review series.

The timepiece looks amazing in white and silver, is an excellent all-rounder as it combines minimalistic features and classy styling.

Everything about this watch will impress you of the company aka, MVMT Watches.

The packaging of the watch is also a delight to see, making it a worthy addition to your watch collection.

Now, let us see what this watch’s features are:

MVMT’s Classic Silver and a White piece have a 45 mm brushed silver stainless steel case and a case thickness of 9 mm. Its silver stainless steel strap’s width is at 24 mm, making it perfect for all wrist sizes.

As for its movement, it is battery-powered Japanese quartz with date. On the other hand, its glass is made of hardened mineral crystal. Contrary to popular belief, you can change the straps of this model.​

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If you want to change the look of the watch, just change the silver strap to any of the leather bands MVMT has available.​

MVMT White Face Men L2131B131 Watch Review

​If you haven’t been wearing watches for a long time but you are just tired of looking at your phone to check the time, then it is likely that you will find it a bit difficult to translate analogue time.

With the MVMT L2131B131, you’ll find it even harder as there are only lines instead of numbers as hour indices.

Regardless, you should not fret. In just a few days of constant watch checking, you’ll notice that you do it in just a single fluid motion!

The sleek and classy design of the watch brings back a lot of memories of boating in the Sydney Harbor on a hot summer’s day.

The silver hue of this MVMT watch reminds me of the city’s skyscrapers. It’s a beautiful yet simple piece.​


3. MVMT Gold Case Men MM01WGL Watch – Best In-Budget Watch

MVMT Men’s Watch MM01WGL is a designer watch, but it doesn’t fall into the price range of designer watches, which is why this is among the top selling designer watches of the brand.

From what we have gathered, the reason why so many people love this MVMT timepiece is because of it’s 45 mm gold case.

The watch also measures seconds and is water resistant up to 100 feet. From these features alone, there’s no question at all – it is a timepiece worth purchasing.

The MM01WGL of MVMT Watches borrowed its style and design from the timeless designer collections of other watch brands.

However, when you take a closer look at it, you can see how the company added a contemporary design to the watch.

There are also little touches that you will surely love aside from the watch’s quartz movement.

MVMT Gold Case Men MM01WGL Watch Review

Where do we even begin? We love this watch! The item’s craftsmanship is beyond anything. That’s not even mentioning the unboxing experience that you will get from buying a MVMT watch.

You can see that the brand placed some effort in designing their products.

With the MM01WGL of MVMT, you won’t have to worry whether you can use the watch from work to a party because it is guaranteed to earn you a couple of compliments whatever setting you are in.​

Of course, there is a downside to everything. From what we have seen, because the brown strap of this watch is made of patent leather, it gets worn out especially if your arm sweats a lot.​

This is truly no deal breaker, however, because the straps of all MVMT watches are interchangeable.

You can also purchase the same straps, which is what we would surely do because of how the brown leather strap complements the gold case and white dial perfectly.​


MVMT Watches: Buyer’s Guide

” A quality watch is not just an item that shows time ” – My Watch Villa

​A man’s watch shows his taste and where he is in life. These aspects mentioned are tough to fake.

Of course, you can always buy a $500 Rolex knock off in Chinatown, but like anything classy and stylish, your watch reflects your very own personal taste aside from the image that you wish to portray.

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It is not enough that you know some of the best watches that MVMT produced.You should also know which one to get.

Fortunately, you have us to guide you in making your very first MVMT watch purchase with the help of our MVMT Watches Review. Keep on reading.​

Product Specs and Warranty​ MVMT Watches:

  • Type of Movement: When designing its watches, MVMT did not look past one of the most important features of a timepiece: the movement. With that being said, the company chose Miyota Precision Japanese Quartz Movement as it is among the most well-known types of movement in the industry.
  • Water Resistance: The three MVMT timepieces we featured in this article are water-resistant up to 3 ATM. It is recommended that you avoid any water contact at all costs because a warranty does not cover water damage.
  • Type of Leather: All leather straps from MVMT are made from authentic cowhide leather.
  • Glass Used: MVMT Watches makes use of hardened mineral crystal as glass for its products.
  • Warranty: MVMT offers a limited warranty for all of its watches. The warranty covers defects that are caused by the manufacturer for a duration of two years. A comprehensive warranty starts on the date of purchase from a dealer authorised by the brand.

True Value of Watches

The first thing that you will take into consideration when making a watch purchase is the price. However, what is ideal is for us to value watches before considering their pricing.

Here is a formula that you can use whenever you need to assess a watch’s value:​

Watch’s Price ÷ (The Feeling Associated to Wearing the Item * Frequency of Use)

Price isn’t the most important aspect you need to take into account. Most of us already have a budget in mind. While this is a smart move, you should also consider the fact that buying a quality watch will last you a long time. check out our budget watches.

save money

This means you are saving money because of the need to replace your cheap, broken one or overly used wrist-watch.

With MVMT watches, you are getting the best value as they are made using high-quality materials. What’s more, they feel and look great on your wrist. Whatever your personal style is, they will surely work well because of their well-made, classic designs.​

Buyer Protection

Just like with any purchase that you make online, you need to check the company or the dealer’s reputation first. This is to ensure that you are getting a real item and not some top level imitation.

Amazon is among the many stores that carry the brand, MVMT Watches.

They are also willing to exchange items that were damaged during shipping.​

Final Words – Wrapping it up

A high-quality watch would translate to an expression of one’s individualism. On that note, you should only buy the ones that you love and enjoy wearing.

If you know you won’t be happy with the watch that you will be buying, then don’t waste your money and pass on it.


Unlike other items, a MVMT watch is often used to express oneself. MVMT Watches review produce timepieces with one thing in mind: a wristwatch will be on constant display.

The company, therefore, makes sure that all the consumers have a classic, stylish watches that that can wear wherever, whenever.​

MVMT Watches is a reliable brand, and it is the go-to company for those who are in the hunt of affordable, attractive, and versatile timepieces. The brand is adored by some blogs, men’s publications, fashion magazines, and watch authorities.

The ones we have reviewed above are just some of the stunning pieces that are worth checking out from the brand.​

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That’s all from MVMT Watches Review, hope you like it.

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