Invicta Watches Review: 5 Best Invicta Watches for Every Man

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Invicta Watches Review: Are Invicta watches worth buying? What are the best models they have produced so far? These are just some of the many questions people ask whenever they are on the hunt for the perfect wristwatch.

Invicta Watches Review

If you're also wondering if Invicta watches are any good, then you're lucky as you have definitely come to the right place!

In this article, we'll take an in-depth look at the brand, as well as their most popular watches.

Continue reading to know whether Invicta watches review are what you are looking for.

Our aim is to provide you enough information about the brand and its watches to help you make an informed purchase. We will also help you make up your mind about this sensational company.

Invicta Watches Review 2019

When we talk about superior quality watches, one of the most prominent names in the industry is Invicta. Consumers wouldn't want to miss the brand's unique and modern designs that are sure to exceed anyone's expectations.

Invicta watches are known to be constructed from premium, durable, and high-quality materials. They also have the reputation of being the leader in innovation.

Invicta Watches Review

If you are looking for a watch that's from a technically capable watchmaker, you'll be happy to know that the brand speaks of superiority and excellence.

You can witness this from the concept, execution, and performance of Invicta watches.​

There are over 30 incredible collections that Invicta has produced over the years. Let's take a look at its five best chosen models thus far.

Invicta WatchMovementWater ResistanceRatingCheck
Invicta Men's 8926OB
(Editor’s Choice)
Japanese Automatic200 Meter4.3


Invicta Men's 8932 Japanese quartz200 Meter4.2


Invicta Men's 6620 Swiss quartz100 Meter4.2


Invicta Men's 6983 Swiss quartz100 Meter4.3


Invicta Men's 0070Chinese quartz200 Meters4.4


Invicta WatchMovementWater ResistanceRatingCheck Price

1. Invicta 8926OB Watch - Editor's Choice

Invicta 8926OB is part of the brand's Pro Diver series.

The watch boasts of good features and masculine design. This is our favorite as it is a high-quality watch yet it is still in the affordable range.

Now, let us take a closer look at what this particular timepiece can bring on the table.

The movement of the watch is Japanese Automatic. whereas It seems to be supportive for water splashes too.

Design and Features:

Invicta 8926OB has a stainless steel bracelet and case construction. The case is 40 mm in diameter. It's also 12 mm thick, which means it's big enough on a man's wrist.

From what we have seen, it looks nice, and it fits any wrist size. As a matter of fact, it belongs to the middle-sized watch range.

Also, the watch's three-link bracelet looks great along with its brushed and polished parts. It's black unidirectional bezel measures the elapsed time that you have spent under water.

Most watches make it hard for us to read the time when in the dark. This is not a problem with Invicta 8926OB as its hands are luminous, rendering the watch useful when you are scuba diving or in a dark room.​

What People Says:

Since this is among the top selling watches of Invicta watches review, that instantly gives you an idea that a lot of people love this specific model of the company.

The only negative thing that people reported on the watch is a problem with the bracelet. Invicta 8926OB is made of stainless steel, but there are those that are allergic to the material.

2. Invicta Men's 8932 - Best For Water Sports

The Invicta 8932 is equipped with amazing features that we are sure would impress any watch lover.

We will quickly go over its neat attributes to give you an idea whether this is the best timepiece to purchase.

Design and Features:

The stainless steel case of Invicta 8932 is surprisingly well-built. It is totally stainless steel, which means it is very durable. Its case's diameter runs at 37 mm, making it a reasonably sized watch.

It is water resistant as well, all thanks to its screw down crowns which tighten to avoid water intrusion.

The watch is mainly made of brushed stainless steel except for the inner bracelet links as they are made of polished stainless steel.

A luxury watch such as this has luminous hands both for the minute and the hour.

Personal Opinion:

The Invicta 8932, which is also part of Invicta's Pro Diver series, is among the best value watches in the market. It is stylish yet rugged at the same time, giving you the perfect balance when it comes to style.

On top of that, it's also very accurate and budget-friendly.

That being said, an automatic movement is what most people love even when they have to pay extra cash in acquiring it. Personally, I think such movement is less accurate.

Also, I am not very particular with a watch's movement. If you are just like me, then don't be silly by paying extra. The Invicta 8932 is definitely the watch perfect for your lifestyle and taste.

All in all, the components of the watch are pretty stellar. Add that to the fact that it is an Invicta watch, and you are left with no reason to pass on this one.​

3. Invicta Men's 6620 - Strongest Dial Window

The Invicta 6620 is one of the favorite timepieces of watch connoisseurs and for a good reason, it has an elegant design that's coupled with accuracy.

It is definitely a watch that is tough to beat, most especially if you factor in its price which is less than a hundred bucks!

However, this does not mean that you don't have to understand the watch's capability and features.

This is what we are here for, we'll give you all the information that you need to help you decide if it is worthy of purchasing.

Design and Features

Invicta 6620's dial window is extremely durable and scratch resistant because it has been fashioned from a flame fusion crystal that's time-tested.

What sets the watch apart from all the watches in the II Collection series of Invicta is the face and dial's design. Since it is a chronograph watch, it features 30-minute, day, and 60-second subdial functions.​

​Its entire face appears to be almost glowing as the brushed stainless steel material used is polished.

If you want a watch that grabs people's attention, then you will certainly love the Invicta 6620 because of its beautiful white dial. What's more, the watch is relatively accurate as it has a Swiss quartz movement.

What People Says

​A lot of people say the Invicta 6620 is their favorite watch among the II Collection watches as it feels and looks like it is a high-end watch.

This premier, quality piece also functions underwater as it is water-resistant. When you take hold of it, you will see that it feels well-made.

The watch may not have some details that most high-end watches have, but it is already a "steal" when you consider its price in relation to its features.

4. Invicta Men's 6983 – High-Performance Sports Watch

This high-performance sports watch, Invicta Men's 6983 of the Pro Diver series, is perfect for any modern man.

Starting with its deep blue dial and stylish sub-dials, it is a watch that will instantly make you want to get one for yourself.

Even better is its sleek display, which uses Swiss quartz movement in keeping time.

Also, the mineral crystal that protects the dial is durable and scratch-resistant at the same time.

That's not all there is to love about this watch, however. Let us take a closer look.

  • Band: its width is 26 mm, which is the standard length for men's watches. Its strap is made of polyurethane which is attached to the watch case using a buckle closure
  • Case: its diameter is at 48 mm, and it has a stainless steel case that's 17 mm thick. Its dial window is made of durable mineral crystal.
  • Dial: its unidirectional bezel is 18k gold-plated Invicta watch, and it has luminous gold-toned minute and hour hands. As for the dial, Invicta gave it a blue sun-ray tone.
  • Movement: it is powered by precise Swiss quartz movement
  • Water Resistance: up to 330 ft (100 Meter)
  • Weight: 16 ounces

What People Says

The luminous hands of the watch make it easier for us to read time at night or in the dark. Its water resistance feature also makes it suitable for swimming and diving.

The watch in itself is a bit clunky because of its size. Some people find it too heavy for them, too.

However, we actually love its size and heaviness as it gives us the impression that it is not made of cheap materials.

Invicta Men's 6983 is a cool timepiece, and it is one of the most elegant sports watches available.

If you are looking for a watch that you can rely on, this watch is definitely a must-have for you.

5. Invicta Men's 0070 – Best Designer Watch

This is another one from the Pro Diver collection of Invicta.

The Invicta 0070 is a stunning timepiece with its bold design and masculine look.

Its stainless steel makes an impact, especially with its 48 mm diameter.

This watch is perfect for those who have a bold and strong style.

Design and Features

The first thing that you will notice with the Invicta 0070 is the color of its dial which is a rich dark blue.

One thing that is hard to look over with this watch is its 5-link bracelet that's been blended nicely. The bracelet is made of stainless steel, completing its attractive look.

Its water resistant mark is at 200 meters, and you can use it even when diving.

People's Opinion

The Invicta 0070 is a popular watch; therefore it has garnered lots of good reviews from customers.

Most negative comments about the watch are because of its size.

The 48 mm diameter of the watch makes it oversized, which means you should not be buying this one if you are not into big watches.

Personal Opinion

For us, it is not a deal breaker at all because the size makes it all the more attractive. From what we have gathered around, hundreds of people also love the watch for its weight and size.

What's more, it looks and feels awesome attached to your wrist.

We recommend that you also give a try to the Invicta Men's 0070 as it is a very reliable timepiece. Its style and weight will surely attract attention and earn you a couple of compliments.

Final Words For Invicta Watches Review

Invicta Watches Review: So, are Invicta watches review worth buying? It is a big YES! It is definitely a remarkable watch to purchase if you are on the market looking for a durable, reputable, sophisticated, and functional watch.

It does not matter what you choose among the five ones we have just reviewed – all of them are quality timepieces.

Rest assured, you will enjoy wearing it for a long time as every single Invicta watch comes with a service warranty of exactly a year from the date of purchase.

Also, we won't forget to point out the price of Invicta watches review. A lot of individuals who have bought an Invicta watch will always want more from the same brand because it is reasonably priced.

Also, even if you only paid an eighth of what you would have for a high-end watch, its quality has not been compromised at all.​

Invicta, a sensational watch brand, has lots of products that are specially designed to fit all lifestyles and settings.

They are known to be a quality brand, and yet they sell watches at incredibly low prices, making them perfect for the average shopper.

Lastly, the company always give consumers excellent deals that you surely can't resist.

So, That was our topic for today. Hope you like our Invicta Watches Review

What Invicta watch do you own? how is your experience with it? Do you have any feedback/suggestions? OR we missed a good watch?

If so, Please comment below and I'll respond to you with in short time or alternatively, use our contact form to get in touch with us. 

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