How To Wear A Pocket Watch: Pocket Watch Guide

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How To Wear A Pocket Watch: Pocket watches are considered as valuable collectors’ items. They remain as style statements even up to the present day. These watches have helped turn the timekeeping field into a popular and fashionable medium.

If you are looking into purchasing your very first pocket watch, you have to understand how to wear it first.

The easiest way in doing so is to learn and understand its history.​

In this guide, we’ll brush up on the history, parts, and the many styles of a pocket watch. If you plan to constantly use the item, it’s essential that you give it a bit of care and maintenance as this will ensure it retains its stylish look.

How To Wear A Pocket Watch

The History of Pocket Watch

Before the clocks were invented, ancient societies have relied on hourglasses and sundials in tracking the passing of time. Such pieces were useful.

However, there have been lots of drawbacks. Around the 1300s, a mechanized clock was built in Bedfordshire, England. Soon after, the production of clocks expanded across Europe. Consequently, innovations have begun to occur.

By the 16th century, Nuremberg Egg, the first ever portable watch built, appeared. It was a heavy and long cylinder which was worn around the neck. It only bore one hand, which indicated the hour. Pocket watches were finally invented by the 17th century.

As styles continued evolving, watch fobs have become prevalent, which added a new element to the pocket watch. The industrial revolution going on, and pocket watches became simpler as a majority of the population can already afford them.

This is the reason why so many varieties of pocket watches are available today.

The Parts of Pocket Watch

If you plan to constantly use your pocket watch, you need to be acquainted with the inner workings of the item in order to maintain its functionality. The parts of pocket watches are often mentioned during sales pitches and in sales descriptions.




The case protects the pocket watch's mechanical parts. Cases can be closed or open faced, decorative or plain. There's a wide selection of pocket watch cases available.


A pocket watch has lots of mechanisms inside it. The movement of such mechanisms is driven by the escapement. In most models, it's the central main spring.


The dial is the watch's face, which bears the markings of the time.


The rotating hands indicate the time.


A pocket watch's winder helps in setting the time and keeping the escapement moving. This can be found near a watch's twelve hand.


Jewels are added to inhibit wear and tear to a watch's inner mechanisms. You can also tell a watch's quality through the jewels.

The Video Below Will Explain How to wear a pocket watch correctly.

Types of Pocket Watches

Traditional pocket watches come in three categories:

  1. Hunter
  2. Half Hunter
  3. Open Faced​
types of pocket watch

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Open-faced pocket watches are those that have no cover. As for half-hunter models, each one has a clamshell casing with a hole at the center part of the cover. Since there’s a hole, the time can be read even when the cover is closed.

As you might have guessed already, Hunter models are like half-hunter pocket watches without the hole in the middle. Clamshell cases can be made of metal.

They are also naturally smooth and round. You can find pocket watches that are bearing some motif or engraved. Half-hunter pocket watches are often partly glazed.

The cover of a hunter and a half-hunter pocket watch can be snapped shut in order to protect the watch’s face.​

Pocket watches are often ornate and they are made of silver or gold. Expensive ones are prized as valuable family heirlooms. There are still those that are worn even until today. These antiques can survive several years with proper care and maintenance.​

Once you begin your search of the perfect pocket timepiece, you will be surprised with the number of watches that are available on the market right now.

Make sure you take your time in selecting and ask around on which manufacturers have maintained a good reputation.​

If you do, you will find the best pocket watch that will suit your needs, personality, and budget just right.​

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