How to Remove Watch Back: A Guide to Open a Watch Case

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How To Remove Watch Back: There are plenty of reasons why you might want to open the back of your wrist watch. It may be because you want to change the battery, remove the dust, or straighten the hands.

Keep in mind that removing the back of a watch entails a different process from one watch to another.

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Some watches are easy to open and won’t require specialized tools. On the other hand, there are types of watches that have a complicated back, and it requires specialized tools and proper training to open safely. We here discussed different methods on How to Remove Watch Back.

Before you attempt to open the back of a watch, you should first consider the value of the watch.​

When we say value, it’s just not monetary value as some watches carry a lot of sentimental value as well.

If the watch is precious to you, then you really need to seriously ask yourself if it’s worth tinkering on your own. Even inexpensive watches may be difficult to open, and they easily get damaged.​

How to Remove Watch Back

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If you are having doubts, acquiring the services of a professional is always the safer choice. After all, it doesn’t make sense if you try to open a $1,000 watch and damage it in the process, while a professional can work on it safely for $30-50.

How to Remove Watch Back: Understanding Watch Types

If you still want to open the back casing on your own, then you need to determine the types.

There are three types of watch back casing, and these are:

  • Screw-off Watch Back
  • Snap-off Watch Back
  • Watch-Back With Screws​

We will cover each type briefly and how you may open it.

Screw Off Watch Back:

The first thing you will notice with a screw off type is that the back will have notches located near the edges. Opening such kind of watch’s back are easy.

On the downside, it would be tough to open if you don’t have the proper tools. In most cases, you will need a JAXA WRENCH or a CASE WRENCH to open it.

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In case if you don’t have the tools. Learn how to remove watch back without tools in the video below.

To open the back of a screw off watch type, you first need to secure the watch in place. Once you have done that, you need to operate the Jaxa wrench or case wrench so that the wrench can get hold to two or more of the watch’s notches. From then on, it’s just a matter of screwing the back off.​

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In some cases, you can use a rubberized ball to open this type. You just press on the ball and the watch together and start turning.

Hopefully, the rubberized ball can get enough grip so you can start screwing off the back. Keep in mind that this does not work all the time.​

Snap Off Watch Back

If the back of your watch does not have any screws or notches, there is a good chance that the back is a snap off type. For the snap off type, the back and the watch case are secured together in a way like how a smartphone back casing is secured.

There are just dents and locks, and taking the back off simply means applying pressure to “snap it off.”

When taking off the back for this type of watch, try to locate a small tab. If there’s a tab, then you can simply grab a piece of thin and strong metal (e.g. tip of the flathead screwdriver) and insert it in between the tab and the back casing.

From then on, it is just a matter of prying off the back casing.​

Snap Off Watch Back

If the back doesn’t have a tab, then there should be a very small separation between the back and watch’s casing.

To open this type, the same idea applies; and that is to insert a piece of thin metal in between the small space to “snap” it open.​

Watch Back With Screws

Such Kind of watch backs are probably the easiest to identify as the watch’s back will have four of more screws. To open it, you simply need to unscrew each of the screws. However, you may need a specialized screwdriver as the screws on a watch can be very small.

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Also, ensure that you don’t destroy the screws. If the screw’s notches get damaged, then it will be challenging to turn and unscrew them.

That’s it.. !​

After you finished doing your work, make sure to cover the back of the watch. The cover will protect the watch from damaging and adding dust particles into the machine.​

Did you ever try opening the back of the watch? How was the experience? Share your words in the comment section below.​

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