How To Polish Stainless Steel: Step by Step Guide

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How to Polish Stainless Steel: Stainless steel watches are among the favorites of consumers. We love them because of how they look and feel on our wrists.

However, there is one downside to owning a stainless steel watch: it will look dull over time and wouldn’t look as perfect as how it once was.

That is why it is important that you clean your stainless steel watch as doing so will ensure it maintains its aesthetic quality.​

How to Clean and Polish Stainless Steel Watches

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With proper cleaning and polishing, you will be able to enjoy your watches longer as opposed to not cleaning which will only harm and scratch up the material.​


Rub the watch’s surface with a microfiber cleaning cloth to remove the accumulated dirt. Grime is usually collected in the crevices of a watch’s band, as well as on the watch face.

Take a good look at your watch. If you find dirt that’s hard to wipe off using a piece of cloth, then use a toothbrush. The bristles of a dry toothbrush will help in dislodging the dirt.


Pour a few drops of glass cleaner into a clean cloth. Then, rub all the sides of your watch thoroughly. If you want a natural alternative, plain white vinegar will do.

Dip your spare toothbrush into the vinegar or glass cleaner. Scrub your watch’s band from top to bottom. Once you’re done, wipe the watch using the cloth.​

If your watch’s band is removable, get a cup and fill it halfway with glass cleaner. Before placing the band into the bowl, make sure you took out the face. Let the band soak for a maximum of fifteen minutes.

After soaking, scrub the band using a toothbrush.​

STEP 3:​

Now, you have to rinse your watch’s band with water. If your watch isn’t water resistant, make sure to be extra careful in doing so. Only let the water touch the band. You can also soak a clean cloth to wipe the band and the face.


If your stainless steel is still dirty, even if you have already gone through steps 1 to 3. Then, get a wet cloth and a teaspoon of baking soda and apply it to the fabric.

Using the fabric, rub the band but make sure you avoid touching the watch face. Wipe with a clean, dry cloth once you’re done rinsing the band thoroughly.​

Essential Tips for Cleaning and Polishing Stainless Steel Watches

Whenever your stainless steel watches fall victim to assorted dirt and smudge, cleaning and polishing tips will deem useful. Since you already know how to polish your stainless steel, we have compiled some reminders for you to clean these valuable pieces successfully.

Just follow them, and you’ll be able to restore the original gleam of your stainless steel watch.

Be Careful When Wiping the Surface

It's the most important tip you have to remember when cleaning stainless steel. Also, it is imperative that you use a non-abrasive cloth prior the application of a glass cleaner.

What’s more, you have to pay extra attention to your watch’s face. Wipe in mini circular motions in removing large dirt deposits and smudges.

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Clean the Face and the Band Separately

After the preliminary wiping, check if you can take out the band from the face of your watch. If so, you can then clean and polish both parts separately. When cleaning the watch’s face, remember to do the wiping in gentle circular motions.

This will take out any smudges and dirt without scratching the material.

Air Dry Your Stainless Steel Watch

After you have cleaned and polished your stainless steel watch, the item still has moisture left to it. Let it air dry for at least 15 minutes before you wear or keep it in storage.​

Stainless steel isn’t prone to scratching, and its strong nature is the reason why it’s often used in watchmaking. It may not be likely to wear, but the dirt that builds up on the watch’s exterior surface makes it lose its shine, most especially on the band.​

Fortunately, regular cleaning will remove any grime deposited onto your watch, and ensure it looks like you just bought it from the store!​

Winding Up.!​

Wasn’t polishing a stainless steel watch easy? Yeah it is.

If you still have any problem by cleaning and polishing the stainless steel, do let me know by writing in the comments section below. I’ll be more happy to help.

Moreover, What watches do you own? Which one is your favorite? Mine is Rolex Submariner. Will be writing about it, in the upcoming post.

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