How Tight Should A Watch Be: A Guide to Proper Watch Fit

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How Tight Should A Watch be: You might be wondering how your new watch should fit your wrist. If you just learned to love wearing watches, then you must have no idea how to properly fit a wristwatch.

There are also those who wear a watch incorrectly as they don’t know that there’s such thing dubbed as “the proper fit.”

To answer your question, the first thing that you need to know is that watches aren’t supposed to be dangling on your wrists. When choosing the right watch and getting the proper fit, you must be able to get the correct watch size in relation to your wrist.

Getting Your Watch Professionally Sized​

Since your watch has to fit your wrist snugly and securely, the straps have to be professionally sized. Having straps that are too loose or too tight can feel uncomfortable.

When talking to a professional, you’ll be asked if you plan to wear a specific watch with sleeves on or, perhaps, without.A watch that’s worn with sleeves looks smaller on a wrist.

On the other hand, a watch that’s worn without sleeves looks better if it is in large diameters.​

For instance, watches with 39 to 41 mm diameters are worn best with sleeves. Without sleeves, you can go for watches that are as big as you wish.​

What Should be the Watch Sizes?

As you may already know, watches come in a variety of sizes. Most people are overwhelmed when it is time for them to choose the size of their watches.

This is especially true when purchasing online since you can’t see the item in person and you won’t be able to fit it until the watch is delivered to your home.

How Should Be The Watch Cases?​

What we have here are general guidelines which you can use when deciding what size to get for your watch.

TAKE NOTE: The sizing will depend on the watch’s manufacturer and styling. There are petite watches, but there are also larger models.

The measurements that you’ll be given are approximate. Also, they are measured by the case’s width.

  • Mini for Women: 23 mm to 25 mm
  • Regular for Women: 26 mm to 29 mm
  • Mid-size: 34 mm to 36 mm
  • Men’s: 37 mm to 39 mm
  • Sport for Men: 40 mm to 42 mm
  • XL for Men: 45 mm

How Should be the Watch Bracelets?

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Most watch bracelets for women come with a standard length which is 6.75 to 7 inches.

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For men, it’s typically at 7.5 or 8 inches.

As for diver’s watches, they are an exception as they are designed to be used while the user is wearing a wetsuit.

When you purchase watches that have metal bracelets, it is likely that you would want to have at least one or two links removed with each watch in order for you to get the right fit.

This is why it is best to have the wearer see the watchmaker. The professional will assess the shape of the wrist and determine which links have to be removed.

There are times when it’s better to have a link removed from the watch’s right side. Other times, you would want to have links removed from the left corner.

It will depend on the fit of the watch to your wrist, as well as your wrist’s size. There’s also been cases wherein half a link is taken out instead of one full link.

This is mainly the reason why companies chose not to size watches for you.​

What we recommend is for you to take your wrist timepiece to a reputable and experienced local jeweler, so a professional can do the proper sizing for you.

For this service, expect to pay anywhere between $5 and $10. It is important that you do not try to take out the links by yourself. Doing so will only scratch or damage the bracelet and the watch itself.

Once the expert is done removing the links, make sure to ask for the removed pieces. There are times when the watch bracelet breaks.​

It will be a lot easier and cheaper to have your bracelet repaired using the extra links that have been taken out than to order and ship new ones.

Winding up.!

Sup? What is your wrist size? What watch size you used to wear? Were you wearing a proper wristwatch that fits your wrist? We would love to hear your thoughts on these.

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If you have suggestions or questions that you wish to raise, don’t hesitate to ask us or leave a comment below.​

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