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Seiko SKX009 Review: The Goods and Bads

If you are a watch lover like me, you must have been through the Seiko Brand. It is a Japanese company that mainly deals with watches and clocks. Moreover, it also manufactures electronic devices, semiconductors, and optical products. However, people mostly know Seiko for its watches, and here I am going to provide you the insider […]

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Stuhrling Watches Review: Buyer’s Guide 2021

Stuhrling Watches Review: In the world of watches, most people would assume that the great ones are from Switzerland. While this assumption is mostly correct, Swiss watches are not exactly the cheapest timepieces around. Furthermore, not everyone is fond of paying top-notch prices for a watch and treat it like a memento, a watch that […]

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Michael Kors Watch Review: Buyer’s Guide

Michael Kors Watch Review: Michael Kors is one of the well-known fashion brands of today. Countless celebrities and famous personalities wear the Michael Kors brand every day. While looking at the company’s achievements, it’s hard to imagine that Michael Kors started with such humble beginningsBack in 1980, Michael Kors started his line of design while working for […]

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Omega vs Rolex: A Detailed Comparison

Omega vs Rolex: If you are looking for a good men’s watch and you have done a bit of looking around, then you probably got a glimpse of the entire Omega vs Rolex debate.We have a different take on the issue, and we do believe each watch has its pros and cons. Also, both brands are […]

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Vostok Amphibia Review: Buyer’s Guide

Vostok Amphibia Review: Vostok Amphibia is one of the most attractive watches around. Back in 1967, Vera Belov and Mikhail, watch designers of a watch factory in Chistopol, was given a big challenge, to design a new dive watch that is reliable to up to 200 meters.It also meant designing a watch that is capable of […]

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Invicta Watches Review: 5 Best Invicta Watches for Every Man

Invicta Watches Review: Are Invicta watches worth buying? What are the best models they have produced so far? These are just some of the many questions people ask whenever they are on the hunt for the perfect wristwatch. If you’re also wondering if Invicta watches are any good, then you’re lucky as you have definitely come […]

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