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How To Wear A Pocket Watch: Pocket Watch Guide

How To Wear A Pocket Watch: Pocket watches are considered as valuable collectors’ items. They remain as style statements even up to the present day. These watches have helped turn the timekeeping field into a popular and fashionable medium. If you are looking into purchasing your very first pocket watch, you have to understand how to […]

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Why Are Rolex Watches So Expensive: A Deep Insight

Are Rolex Watches Expensive: Money is such an essential component that decides the way you live your life. A poor person living from hand to mouth is worried about their meal, a middle-class person works hard to make his life better and a rich person spends his money to buy luxury items. But a common question […]

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How To Wind A Watch: Vintage Mechanical Watch Guide

How to wind a Watch: A lot of new watch owners wonder after buying an antique wristwatch with mechanical movement, as to which is the best way in winding a watch: is it supposed to be wound forward and backward or forward only? They also ask whether there’s a correct measurement as to how much a […]

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Best Tritium Watch to Buy in 2020

Wearing the best tritium watch during a night hike makes it easy to watch time in dark conditions. Tritium is a gas used for the markers in a watch. This gas makes these markers perpetually glow in the dark. The glowing nature of this gas allows you to see time in pitch black conditions, and […]

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Best Affordable Watches: Top 5 Watches Under $150

Best Affordable Watches: Watches are a beautiful gift both to give and take on special occasions like birthdays, Wedding anniversary, Christmas and so on.There is a reason behind that, a beautiful watch is a vital part of any gentleman’s style. Whether you are busy in a work day or going to spend the holiday with […]

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Invicta Gold Watches – Buyer’s Guide

Invicta Gold Watches: Two things the Swiss are famous for are: one, the Swiss Army Knife and the other, undoubtedly, the Swiss watches. The reason people love to have Swiss watches not because they are classy but rendering supreme quality and fashion sense. When searching a particular fashion accessory, you will be flooded with large […]

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