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What is a Watch Winder?

Watch winders are devices that will keep your automatic watches running even when you don’t wear them. Your automatic watch works with a principal to wind itself with the help of a moving weight that is inside it. This weight rotates/swings when you have your watch on your wrist and with the movement; it turns […]

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Top 5 G-Shock Military Watch Reviews

If you are an adventurer, a trekker or a sportsperson, you cannot rely on your smartphone. Even the military personnel have their trusty wristwatches with them all the time. Obviously, you won’t need a high-end Swiss watch in the woods. That’s the place where you go for a practically indestructible watch. That’s the G Shock […]

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Skagen Watch Review – Buyers Guide And Reviews

Having been in the market since 1989, Skagen is among top-notch watch brands that offer both exceptional quality and fashion conscious models. Despite opening doors this year, it is not until 1992 that Skagen put their first watch in the market. Read through this Skagen watches review and understand the brand better. To crown it […]

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Parnis Watch Review

Parnis is a relatively new brand in the market, but it has been able to garner a following due to their affordable prices, among other factors. This Parnis watch review tracks the growth of the company since its inception in 2005. Additionally, a selected number of watches from this manufacturer will be reviewed to give […]

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Shinola Watch Review

Shinola is a name that has been in the market for a very long time, but they were not known for watches until they decided to venture into the production of the same. This Shinola watch review dives into the dynamics related to the company and also takes a look at some of the watches […]

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Relic Watches Review

Nowadays, watches serve much more than the function of just telling the time. If it’s that feature you need a watch for, you need to consider since due to too recent technological developments, smartphones, and a whole lot of digital devices can accurately tell the time.  Watches in contemporary times are now more like fashion […]

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Luminox Navy Seal Watch Review 2021

The Luminox navy seal watch belongs to the Original Navy SEAL Series that came to the scene back in 1994. A lot of credit goes to this series that made a significant contribution to putting Luminox on the map. This series came into being due to the mutual coordination of Luminox and the Navy SEALs […]

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Best Women’s Watches Under $100

Women want the best of products; they want to always look fashionable and presentable for all occasions, no matter the hindering circumstances. Be it bags, accessories, cosmetics; women make use of a range of materials to achieve this singular objective. In past times, watches were solely regarded as men’s accessories; and in relating to women, […]

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