Best Online Watch Store: Top 5 Shops to Buy Watches Online

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Despite the coming of the internet age, most watches today are still being bought in stores. Even in the most decrepit of department stores, you will find a very nicely stocked watch section.

It seems that smartphones telling time and the internet as a means to buy anything from any part of the world have not managed to put a significant dent in the in-store sales of watches.​

You can see how it looks on you in the mirror of the store and allows eager clerks to fawn over you as you dangle that commission in front of them.

Even better for some, others can watch you enviously as you buy it, winning you points in this great game of status and vanity.​

Yet for some, the buying experience is overrated. Or perhaps they simply want to get a good deal.​

It’s no secret that the internet is an open Market often boasting much cheaper prices than what you would get in a shop full of impeccably shined crystal display cases.

Whatever your reasons for preferring the virtual marketplace over the physical one, you want to buy from merchants that have a reputation for honesty, fast shipping, and rock-bottom prices.

Watch Shop

Here are the top five places to buy a watch online:

1. World of Watches

​Boasting over 1.4 million views every month, this first page Google staple for watch searches has been shipping out timepieces from Florida since the early days of the mass consumer internet in 1996.

As far as dedicated virtual watch shops go, you’d be hard-pressed to find better than WorldofWatches with their free shipping policy and price match guarantee.​

If you’re looking to secure quality merchandise from outside North America, WorldofWatches is also a good bet, since they deliver to a staggering number of countries (they claim it’s over 200).​

2. Watch Shop

For those wanting to do business nearer to the European side of the world, has made itself into the major internet player for watch sellers in the United Kingdom.

They proudly boast that they are the only online watch shop to run national television commercials in that country, so there is no doubt about their local supremacy.​

As with WorldofWatches, Watch Shop ships to most places in the world and offers a flexible 30-day return policy. They also have a price match policy, but it only applies to shops within the UK.


​Coming from rather humble beginnings, WatchCo is a website which grew out of a small chain of watch stores established in the Midwest United States in 1993.

They also ship to most countries. In fact, they ship to all countries except three at the time of this writing: Venezuela, Indonesia, and Nigeria.​

While you will have to pay somewhat higher prices for shipping if you live out of North America, they’re flexible about getting you your watch quickly and will ship it to you via express mail if you need it right away.

The good thing about WatchCo is that they have perhaps the most generous return policy, allowing you to return an unused watch for one full year after the purchase date.

4. Overstock

Moving beyond specialized online watch retailers, we can look to the major broad retail websites. is the most deeply entrenched in the watch business, offering good deals on a wide range of products.​

They even have pre-owned watches for those who want a Rolex without digging too deep into their pockets. They have a fairly standard return policy and also offer international shipping.​

5. Amazon

While Amazon is not the Elysium of great customer service and reliable sellers it once was in its back days, but it still stands by its customers and has a great selection.

You might have to dig a little deep to get the best prices, as many independent sellers on the marketplace seem to rely on buyer ignorance about prices to make the biggest profit, but the deals are still there.

Buy from Amazon or Amazon-fulfilled sellers directly if you can, for this website. This will ensure the highest level of reliability.​

Especially for lower-end watches, the $35+ free shipping is still one of the best deals out there.​

Shop around for the Best Deals:

On top, here are all specialized watch stores.

These are perhaps the best sources for getting the answers you need and getting good service. However, if it’s the lowest price that you’re chasing, you should always make sure to look at a wide variety of stores before making your final decision.

Sup, are you a watch lover? Do you love to buy watches frequently? What is your favorite watch you wear most? Let me hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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