Best G-Shock Watches: Buyer’s Guide 2021

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Watches are not merely just a timepiece that you carry on your wrist to be reminiscent of the time you spend.

Best G-Shock Watches: Buyer’s Guide

But they are also the accessory of choice for most men for whom style and fashion matters.

And how good would it be if you could get a perfect blend of functionality and style in a single timepiece.

Carry on reading further to find a brief review of some of the top g-shock watches in the market that could become your choice when you step out to get one for yourself.

Best G-Shock Watches

Below you’ll find a brief comparison table of all the top casio G-Shocks, a thing to consider that a few specification in the collection is same. Have a look at the table insider.

 Watch ModelCase diameterEditor's

Casio G100-1BV50 mm4.7


Casio GA110-1B51 mm4.8


Casio GD350-1B49 mm4.7


Casio G9300-1
53 mm4.9


Casio GA1000-9G50 mm4.8


Top 10 Best G-Shock Watches Reviewed:

As promised we shall now proceed with providing a review for a selection of top 10 Casio G-shocks.

Here you shall find a brief overview of some of the most popular Casio watches, starting from their specifications and also what the individual design has in store for you. so, Let’s get started.​

1. Casio Men’s G100-1BV Digital G-Shock Watch – Multi Function Sports Watch

The basic philosophy behind the design of this Casio G100-1BV watch is simplicity.

Designed in a simple slick, black look this watch is sure to catch your attention.

The G100-1BV is a worthy fraction of the G-Shock watches with an appealing look to match an attractive set of specifications.

The stopwatch has a measuring capacity of 23:59’59.99” and uses the units 1/100 for the initial 60 minutes and 1 second after that which lets you time every action efficiently.

The design offers the following specifications:

  • Shock and water resistance for up to 200 M
  • Resistance to Magnetic field
  • Dual time display
  • Dial is coded in both Analog and Digital formats
  • Alarm provision on daily basis
  • Elapse timed Stopwatch
  • Supports both 12 and 24 hour time formats
  • Programmed calendar
  • Time accuracy, for up to +/- 15 seconds per month
  • Supported battery CR2016
  • Battery life up to 3 years in approximation
  • Rich Black color with a matching dial
  • Supported by Quartz movement
  • Total weight is 4.80 ounces
  • Friendly Budget

Have a look at the Casio Men’s G100-1BV Digital Watch Review Video

The anti-gravity resistance along with the shock resistance and water resistance for up to 660 feet makes this design a must have for the ones with the adventurous side to them.

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2. Casio GA110-1B Military Series G-Shock Watch – Best G-Shock Under $100

This Casio GA110-1B G-Shock watch is very rightfully referred to as a Military watch.

The specifications this timepiece presents are a bit complicated but are very accurate to be of great assistance in the challenging times.

This model is the real depiction of Casio G-Shock philosophy.

This model is robust and is designed to perform impeccably in harsh conditions, making it an ideal choice for the military!

Specifications at a glance:

  • Resistance to Shock and water resistance for up to 200 M
  • Automatic LED back light with an afterglow feature
  • 29 Time Zones enabled World Time teller
  • Time signal frequency: hourly
  • 4 alarms on a daily basis along with 1 Snooze
  • Supports both 12 hr as well as 24 hr formats
  • Superb accuracy, up to +/-15 seconds for every month
  • Low Price Under $100
  • Great Quality

Here is a Video of Casio GA110-1B Military Series G-Shock Watch Review:


3. Casio Men’s GW7900B-1 Solar Sport G-Shock Watch – Solar Powered Diver’s Watch

With the fantastic Tough Solar Sports Watch on your wrist, you can always muddle up business with a little bit of sporty gratification.

The solar sports watch is a perfect addit ion to your surfing and fishing gear.

With its moon and/or tidal graph, it can prove a worthy companion for a good day at the surfing front. Plus you never have to worry about the annoyance of replacing batteries.

Let’s go through the stipulation for this model:

  • Comes in black color with a matching wrist band
  • Resistant to water till the depth of 660 feet
  • Operates on reliable Japanese quartz
  • Featuring Chronograph
  • Batteries rechargeable by solar energy
  • Corroborates 31 time zones and both 12 and 24 hr time formats

The solar-powered batteries of the watch can recharge itself with possibly any source of light. The batteries are good for times ranging from 5 months to 23 months depending on the usage and the power supply.​


4. Casio Men’s GD350-1B Black G-Shock Watch – Designed For Scuba Lovers

Ever felt the need to get sneaky and surreptitious but had a hard finding the right gear to match?

Well, look no further! Check out the specs to believe the extent this watch can get sly

This classic G-Shock design is best suited for unique situations when accuracy and convenience are both required.

Along with many other features, the GD350 stands out with the intelligent LED backlight support.

Let’s go through the stipulation for this model:

  • Conventional features of water and shock resistance
  • Supports 35 time zones including 100 cities with their names on the display
  • Features an automatic, ultra bright LED backlight that can send flash alerts
  • Countdown timer with a precise stop watch measuring capability of 999:59’59.99”
  • Holds all split time and times elapsed along with 1st and 2nd place times
  • Alerts for daily alarms, times- up timer and hour-wise time indication are given out through mild vibrations easily noticeable on your wrist
  • Not Very Expensive

The backlight can be easily configured to light-up when the watch is tilted towards the face to read the time effortlessly in demanding conditions


5. Casio GMDS-6900F- 1 G-Shock Collection Watch – Green Floral Pattern Sportswear

We talk about the G-Shock watches and think that the tough, rugged edge is just something for the guys to enjoy.

Not at all! Have a look at the luxury collection, patterned with floral character to match today’s active but chic women standards.

I observe that the price is little over as compared to the different models of G-Shock. It is not so expensive but you may buy a watch with more features and good quality in same price.

Here are the few key features of the watch mention below.

  • Watch measure 4.5 x 4 x 3.9 inches
  • Comes with a luminous EL hind light with an afterglow feature
  • Dark navy colored, resin case with a matching bezel, patterned with a beautiful green and blue floral design
  • 3 alarms that support multiple functions
  • 1/100th of a sec stopwatch
  • World clock with times for 48 cities
  • Dual 12 hour and 24 hour time format

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The modern woman of today yearns, not only style but also adequate functionality.

Casio caters to the demand of the fashion conscious women whose strong personalities are best depicted with the G-Shock philosophy of being sturdy yet having a soft touch with the floral patterned design like the one mentioned here.


6. Casio Men’s G9300-1 Shock Resistant G-Shock Watch – Editor’s Choice

The multi-functioned G-Shock has earned the name “Mudman” for the most obvious reasons.

Resisting mud and dust along with the conventional resistance to water and distress.

The style of the watch looks like of 60s, for people like me who want to wear a stylish piece with their wardrobe

Let’s take a quick look at the specs:

  • The batteries are rechargeable by solar power
  • Single-touch access to digital compass
  • Ability to align the built-in compass with the true North
  • Built in thermometer
  • Features a moon graph to establish the intensity of darkness at night time
  • Price is good for the specs

Let nothing stop your wandering, adventurous soul! Equip yourself with the best of directional and thermal projection.

Take the road less traveled and explore the hidden secrets for you never need to worry again to charge your batteries or ever fear of losing your way again.


7. Casio Men’s G9300GB-1 Mudman Black Solar Watch – Editor’s Choice

As introduced in the previously mentioned G-Shock G9300 the Mudman series are a part of our unbeatable G-Shock timepieces list.

They offer the same rugged operational quality along with a professional feel and a stylish gold look.

The watch provides a variety of specialized features that give you the confidence of finding your way through the most challenging of the terrains.

Following is a brief overview of the features the design offers:

  • An insistent, mud-resisting seal is what covers the case and the push buttons
  • Integrated with a Digitized Compass with a calculation range of 0 to 359 degrees
  • Capability to calibrate with the true North by choice, also correction of Magnetic declination
  • Option to turn daylight saving on or switch it off.
  • Completely mechanical EL Backlight with an afterglow feature
  • Solar power rechargeable batteries with a battery-level gauge

Make the Mudman your companion along with the other readily available G-Shock collection watches and have the time of your life!


8. Casio Men’s GA1000-2B Gravitymaster G-Shock Watch  – Unbreakable Watch

Not fancy, the general look to more or less all G-Shock watches have? Then this one might just be right for you.

With the hard-hitting appeal of its associated title, the GA1000-2B brings a beautiful blend of competence and simplicity.

The GA1000-2B is the first one of the upcoming G-Aviation series.

  • Temperature extent reading.
  • Single-button operation for digital compass display
  • Temporary bearing retention for future references for new readings
  • Easy clock hand indication of North
  • A stunning black dial with prominent numerals for easier recognition
  • Anti magnetic configuration
  • Automatic ultraviolet LED, Neon-bright with afterglow
  • Programmable back-lighting period

This elegant timepiece offers the utilities needed by every contemporary aviator along with the chic look to keep up with the fashion details.


9. Casio GA-1000-1A Aviation Luxury G-Shock Watch – Most Sold G-Shock Watch

Another addition to the classy Aviator series, this Aviation Luxury watch is sure to make its way into your must have list.

The simplistic design features 2 bold, illuminant hands that make it easy to read time even in the most difficult of situations.

The comfortable feel of the part stainless steel, part resin body and strap make it wearable for longer periods of time.

Video Review: Casio GA-1000-1A Aviation Luxury G-Shock Watch

  • A resin case with a mineral, anti-scratch window
  • Dual display – digital as well as analog
  • Shock and water resistance design
  • Integrated thermo gauge
  • Magnetic field defiant configuration
  • Integrated Digitized Compass with bearing recollection


10. Casio Men’s GA1000-9G GravityMaster G-Shock Watch – Expensive Yet Stylish

A new addition to best Casio G-Shock watches is the Gravitymaster.

The watch is an ode to the contemporary aviation with the features sustaining the challenges today’s world presents.

The beautifully styled gold colored watch is sure to make a lasting impression, even when worn in the professional capacity, straight out to a night out with friends.

  • Single push button Digital Compass.
  • Compass supports a recurrent bearing interpretation for up to 20 seconds. The hour-hand spots the north
  • The upper display holds the exact direction pointer and the lower display holds the bearing-angle value
  • Option to temporarily save last bearing and present a track reading
  • Integrated thermostat
  • Prominent numerals and bold indents make time-reading easy
  • Comes in a Black-colored, resin band with a black and gold face

Additional ease of access is offered with pressing a button positioned at the 9 o’clock mark to directly navigate you to the digital compass and back by pressing the 8 o’clock button.


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Best G-Shock Watches – Buyer’s Guide

1.Why Casio G-Shock Watches?

Call it a personal preference or a market-oriented choice, Casio is a world-renowned name for a very diverse electronic portfolio consisting of watches, calculators, musical instruments that have an electronic base, digital cameras, office computers and also label and page printers.

2. Brand Overview and Brief History

The multinational company located in Tokyo, Japan has earned a reputable name in the watch industry with the introduction of the G-Shock Watches among many others in its portfolio.

Today the company is universally known for making unswerving watches. With the reliability of the name Casio, these watches are not just sturdy and rugged but also cater to the core need of its consumers of having an adventurous take on timekeeping.

Casio G-Shock Watches

Conclusive Words

There you have it, a comprehensive guide to the best G-Shock watches to be on the lookout for.

The company, that is Casio, has lived up to its vision to devise watches that are literally unbreakable.

Even when exposed to the toughest and the roughest of the environments, the G-Shock watch collection is sure to never let you down.

The company has offered numerous deigns for its consumers to choose from and have never failed to provide with the sturdy, rugged and brawny designs to cater to adventurous needs of its users.

But sturdy nature of the watch doesn’t really have to overshadow style. G-Shock is a perfect blend of chic fashion and practicality!

So the next time you are looking for a timepiece, consider this guide and make the best decision to purchase the watch that provides the best value for your money.​


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