Vostok Amphibia Review: An Inner Look (Updated 2017)

In this article, I’m featuring the Vostok Amphibian. This article is all about the Vostok Amphibia Review. This article shall highlight all the main features that makes the product stand in the market. It shall show how this product is different and better than others. It will have some personal reviews too.

Overview and Design of Vostok Amphibia Series:

Vostok Amphibia have been one of the most admired and the most reliable ones. Vostok products are manufactured in Chistopol in Russia. They Company is under supervision of Tishchenko Sergey E, The President, best in his work.

In 1980, The Company produces almost 4.5 million watches annually and the returning ratio was less than 1%. The watches were all filled with supreme quality and first choice of people. since then, The Vostok Amphibia Collection is known for its functions and solid Watch.​

Out of many watches I had found it good if not best. That is the reason I feel to provide Vostok Amphibia Review without wasting more time.

As the name of the watch suggests, the watches are totally waterproof. They are perfect for scuba divers. The watches come in many designs, there are classics and there are those who meet the standards of the modern age.

The watches also come with several accessories with them. They are perfect for your collection or if you want to wear them casually.​

What Features Makes Vostok Amphibia Stand In Market

There are certain features that the product has, that make it different from all the other products out there in the market.

There products with many specs and features, but not all of them are unique. To be the people’s favorite choice, there has to be other things that makes a product stand firm.​

1. An Amphibian Watch

As the name suggests, the watches that are made by Vostok, can work perfectly on the land or inside water. The watches have a very tough structure. These are not the fragile piece of ornaments that are usually too expensive.

Vostok watches are reliable, strong and adaptive. The watches are perfect for scuba divers. I mean, it’s not very likely that a scuba diver needs a watch down there, but there are some people that need to stay classy all the time.​

So, the Vostok Amphibia is for you, since it can be taken almost 200m down into the water.​

The Vostok Amphibian 090660

Image Taken From scuba watch

2. Price Range

Another fantastic feature that differentiates the Vostok watch from all the other luxury watches, is that it has a remarkably lower price. When you usually find a product with a low price in the market, you should expect a lower quality too.

It’s the basic rule for shopping, if you want a product with a better quality, you will have to look in the expensive item’s section, but it’s not the same situation regarding the Vostok products. While the prince are ranged from $50 to $1000+, depands on different factors. However, You can find some really solid watches under $100.

The Vostok feature some pretty incredible products. Their products have the luxury design and material. On the same time, they are not as expensive as the luxury watches. Which is very good.​

3. Place of Manufacture

The products were made originally in the Soviet Union (USSR). The manufacturing started in 1967. The watches are still made there. Russia is their homeland. They are manufactured in the factories there. Where all the watch designers work and design these perfect beautiful styles.

They try their best to make the product look perfect and give the performance that it is supposed to give. The watches are beautiful and are tough. They definitely meet the standards of the customers.​

4. Designs

The Vostok Amphibia have unique designs. Their watches have very beautiful designs. They have designs that are somehow different from all the other brands. You can easily differentiate the Vostok watch from any other brand.

The products have designs that are different from each other, to come to your demands. But in the same time the designs also have this uniqueness that you can feel similarity between them.​

They can be identified easily. This is one of the things that makes the product stand up in the market. It has the unique way of presenting itself. You can always recognize a Vostok watch.​

Best Chosen Vostok Amphibia Watches

1. The Vostok Amphibian 090660 - Auto Mechanical Diver's Watch

This model is one of a kind. It is one the bestselling products. Since it is made in Russia so it is an imported product. The watch is of military grade. It is a water proof watch and can withstand water pressure under 200m of water. It has a luminous dial and it is also shock resistant.

2. The Vostok Amphibian 420270 - Embed With 31 Ruby Jewels

This is another one of the best sellers. It is also a military grade watch. It is water resistant and shock resistant. It is an automatic watch. It does not need to be winded. But if has been off since a long time then it has to be winded. It can also go as deep as 200m underwater. It has a luminous dial.

Vostok Amphibia Review

The Vostok Amphibian is the most perfect watch for the adventurous people. The watch is military grade, that it means it passes all the standards of being tough. It is automatic so it doesn’t require any batteries.

The watch is perfect if you are a person that moves a lot and can’t handle fragile things

Where the watch is super functional and practical, it might not have the modern look. The design resembles some of the old ones. For what I have seen there are some pretty modern looking watches with some very impressive features. The Vostok on the other hand, is a tough gadget that is perfect for people that need to stay functional.​

Final Words

The Vostok Amphibia review clearly shows that the Vostok products are fantastic. They have a reasonably good design. They are super functional. Good for you if you are going diving, skiing, camping or hitchhiking. It’s military grade. That shows how fantastic it is.

Ronald McKim

Ronald McKim, a watch enthusiast and analyzer. He had worked with a local watch manufacturing company as a senior manager in his young days. Apart from his career, he keeps traveling across Europe.

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