Stuhrling Watches Review: Top 4 Watches By Experts

Stuhrling Watches Review: A watch might just be a time-keeping instrument but once it gets in touch with art, design and luxury, the same watch revolutionizes more than just a simple gizmo to keep track of time.

This article intends to bring to you the Stuhrling watches review and introduce you to affordable luxury watches. Here we look at the Stuhrling watches, what makes them different and a couple of great watches from the company.​

Introduction to Stuhrling Watches:

Over the centuries a watch has always symbolized prosperity and a high social standing – an indulgence for just the privileged, cream of the crop. With the technological advancements over the years, these became ordinary, simply trite. Most old-school souls miss the craftsmanship of the past.

Stuhrling watches review

An old-school soul like Henry Fischer is the raison d'être for the true quintessence of intricate watch-making rematerialize from the past, built utilizing contemporary technological advancement of today but without the guilt of depriving the commoners to be a part of it.​

That’s how Stuhrling Watches was formed with the vision to provide luxury for everyone!

Why You Should Consider Buying Stuhrling watches?

I believe that the fad, the trend, the fashion is just momentary, short-lived but really pricey. On the other hand, your personal style is what remains eternal and exclusive and it is very much inexpensive and within your means.

Stuhrling watches cater to you style by offering luxurious designs at a price that’s very much affordable for anyone of us! The company has brought back the regal designs of the past and modernized them to best suit the ambiance of today.

If you are looking for a fancy looking, renaissance inspired watch but not ready to pay a fortune for it? Then you should consider to our Stuhrling Watches Review below.​

3 Impressive Features of Stuhrling Watches Brand:

Stuhrling Original is a brand that was inspired by the watch making craftsmanship of the yesteryears and the satirical irony of it being just the rich man’s accessory to flaunt.

The brand was developed to portray affordable luxury. The brand has a regal image – from designs to mechanics, everyone believe it a symbol of classiness and charm, with the charisma of a reasonable price.​

Feature 1: The Price

The foremost thing that hits you when you first lay your eyes on a Stuhrling watch – other than the timeless beauty of the designs, is the Price.

Stuhrling undoubtedly has quite an elaborate product portfolio with amazing designs to offer. But the most amazing thing about them is the price at which they are available.


Counterparts for many of the Stuhrling designs can rocket up to a price of $600-$800 USD. The same look and feel can be yours in less than under $300 if you buy a Stuhrling timepiece. Nor for me, this tends to be the foremost feature to make a returning customer.

Feature 2: the Quality

Stuhrling Original has always employed the best and the uppermost quality of resources in manufacturing its timepieces. Whenever there is price effectiveness in question, or when lower prices are witnessed, the first thing you question is whether the company might have compromised on the quality of its production to compensate for the lower prices being offered?


Image By Eric Kllby On Flickr

Well, read on towards the Stuhrling watches review to find out more about why not to worry when it comes to Stuhrling Original. But just for a reference, among many other top quality materials, the company uses a surgical ranking 316L stainless steel for its brush finished cases and other mechanical parts.

For its straps the company makes use of genuine, zenith quality leather and custom-patterned silicon-based rubber bands.​

Feature 3: Krysterna Crystal

The Stuhrling Original makes use of the Krysterna crystal for its dials. Now Krysterna is an artificial substance created with the purpose of being used in manufacturing of hard-wearing spectacles.

The watchmakers made this discovery by testing its advanced characteristics in the duration of the last couple of years and very recently started introducing Krysterna crystals in watch making.​

Krysterna Crystal

This type of crystal is sturdy, scratch-proof just resembling the commonly used sapphire. But this is not as much of fragile as compared to mineral or even sapphire, making it a reliable choice for being durable.

Top 4 Pieces from Stuhrling Watches Review Below:

Here is brief Stuhrling watches review for the 4 most astounding watches (among numerous more) that have the finesse and the fashion for being all about luxury.

Watch ModelDial SizeStrap MaterialWater Resistance 
Watch ModelDial SizeStrap MaterialWater Resistance
Stuhrling 133 Executive Watch Editors Choice44 mmLeather50 meter Check Price
Stuhrling 803 Monaco Chronograph Watch42 mmLeather50 meter Check Price
Stuhrling 803 Analog Watch42 mmLeather50 meter Check Price
Stuhrling 657 Delphi Automatic Watch42 mmLeather50 meter Check Price

These spectacular watches have made their way to my personal favorite list as well.

1- Stuhrling Original 133.33151 Executive Automatic Watch - Editor's Choice

Intricately designed with the intention of gratifying a gentleman with a cultivated savor and having an indulgence for luxury teamed up with functionality, this Stuhrling Original timepiece never fails to make its mark on the ones wearing it and also the ones who witness its elegance.

Having a fine-looking, dark colored genuine leather band and an elaborate, complex skeleton dial face and also a bare back, is what that sets this timepiece a apart from the rest. The stunning dial rests in a stainless steel case that has a shielding Krysterna crystal on the face and rear of the watch.

In general, there have been just the 2 crystals casings our watches were known to have – mineral and sapphire. Since mineral crystal display is the one that’s commonly used but when the need for the design is somewhat outdoorsy, the sapphire crystal is employed.

Sapphire has been good at resisting scratches but is prone to breakage due to its brittle nature until before the appearance of a new Krysterna crystal later in the 21st century.

This moderately fresh synthetic substance is found to be more resistant to breakage as compared to Sapphire.

The watch further features an automatic movement – a mechanical, self-meandering faction that needs no batteries for its function but actually charges itself by the movement of the wearer.

The watch supports an analog display with silver markers and needles. The seconds’ retrospective is placed at the six o'clock location and adds to the skeleton look of the entire dial with a bare display of the mechanics underneath. It offers a resistance to water for up to 50 M.​

2. Stuhrling Original 803.01 Monaco Chronograph Leather Watch - Made to be worn on all Occasions

The Stuhrling watches review continues with the Stuhrling Original’s Monaco Chronograph watch. The stylistic watch has a simplistic yet a graceful design. It is fine-looking timepiece to add that statement to your broad-spectrum accessory statement.

The elegant, thin-rimmed stainless steel case in gently lustrous silver color and guarded by the smash resistant Krysterna crystal, holds the refined yet charming black colored dial.

The dial holds Arabic numerals with standard markers of time along with luminous hands for the hour and minutes reading. The design supports 2 sub dials, located at the 12 o'clock and 6 o'clock positions. A petite date window is placed at the 3 o'clock mark.​

The design is completed with 2 bold, silver colored buttons ergonomically positioned on the right side of the stainless steel case, surrounding the audacious crown. It comes with a genuine calfskin leather strap in a matching black color.

The watch has a Chronograph feature as well. An essential chronograph has a self-governing sweep up second’s hand that can be set in motion, halted and brought back to zero-position by repetitive force on the designated button.​

Further chronographs make use of supplementary complications and can contain several sovereign hands to calculate seconds, minutes, hours and even one-tenths of a second. Louis Moinet made the invention of chronograph in the year 1816 to be used for reading enormous, far reached matter.

Priced at a particularly affordable cost; this timeless classic piece of watch works on a reliable quartz movement that has a Japanese origin. The watch also offers resistance to water for up to 165 feet.

Although water resistance feature of the watch can come quite handy in not needing to worry while washing hands with it strapped to your wrist or even take a shower (if drearily needed!).​

It is not recommended to be taken along on diving trips.

3. Stuhrling Original 803.04 Monaco Analog Display Watch - Perfect For Smaller Wrist

By this time you all might have gotten an idea about my obsession with the watches that have led me to put a Stuhrling watches review of the timeless timepieces that have my personal accreditations.

As a true admirer I recently bought the Stuhrling Original Monaco Watch: 803.04. It holds on to the influential, principal masculine blueprint that the company flaunts and promotes.

The seasoned watch designers at the Stuhrling Original have altered some of the basic archetypes in light of stimulation to rekindle the spark from the renaissance. The design for this Monaco series watch is much inspired from the ones that were popular in the 1930-1940s.

The Monaco watch is bound to be your first choice when looking for something to add to your style statement with a subtle, graceful appearance that adds a touch of elegance to your accessory department. It comes with a complementing brown colored strap.​

The fine-looking stainless steel case that’s colored to a very slight rose gold finish that adds to the subtle charm of the wristwatch. The stainless steel case holds the radiant, clear looking white dial that is not just delightfully easy to read but also is eternal, unchanging even in the ever so changing fashion trends.

To add to the undying look, the dial holds a classic font for numerals marking the time along with illuminated hands and 2 sub dials – one located at the 12 o’clock and the other located at the 6 o’clock. It also incorporates a date window positioned next to the 3 o’clock marker.​

This is a chronograph watch that offers resistance to water for up to 50 meters. It works on a Japanese-made quartz faction and has an analog display.

4. Stuhrling Original 657.02 Delphi Automatic Indicator Watch - Changeable Sun/Moon dial 

Moving forward with the Stuhrling watches review, we come down to the very stunning, the convoluted and the bold Delphi Indicator watch. All the things you might have heard with reference to the notoriously allusive Delphi 657 stands spot on.

The basic design for this model was conceived right from the indispensable vision of the Stuhrling Original and exhibits the quintessence of a highly regarded timepiece. Pictographic look of the beautifully broad dial, with skeleton-type sub-dials and ever so poised, bare perfunctory motorized action put a fable in the picture.

The very complex, bare looking dial comes with a matching set of skeleton hands that tell the time off vertical markers. The dial is encased in a silver colored stainless steel case that has just a single crown on the right side of the case.​

The watch has the trademarked window made of Krysterna crystal, both on the front and the back of the watch. The Krysterna crystal is not just lucid and clear, it’s also the sturdiest crystal available in the market.

The dial consists of two sub-dials that not only add to the beauty of the watch but also provide greater functionality. The two dials are;

  • one bearing the moon phase indicator
  • other is designated for maintaining time for another time zone.

The moon phase changes every 12 hours and indicates the time of the day or night. The dual time sub-dial lets you carry time for a separate tome zone.

The watch has a mechanical transmission movement that gets its power from the movement of the user.​

Final Verdicts:

After going through my humble compilation of Stuhrling watches review, I’m sure you all get the idea about the reason behind my obsession with these watches.

Stuhrling Watches have – till date - lived up to the initial vision of making high-end watches an affordable accessory for even the commoners like you and me.

The company has brought back the essence of craftsmanship from the past. The company’s product portfolio has numerous models to suit the versatile needs of the chic world we live in.

Go on and have a look at it yourself and you might end up owning more than one watch out of it! Make your style statement with Stuhrling Original watches.​

Ronald McKim

Ronald McKim, a watch enthusiast and analyzer. He had worked with a local watch manufacturing company as a senior manager in his young days. Apart from his career, he keeps traveling across Europe.

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