Omega vs Rolex: All That You Should Need to Know

There are certain arguments that will never end. People talk about Pepsi vs coca cola, windows vs apple, and in the category of watches, Omega vs Rolex. Both these brands are from respectable manufacturers.

They have their reputation and they are both known as the luxurious brands. People often become confused when they compare both Omega and Rolex and which one to buy.​

Omega vs Rolex

In this article, you will learn about the difference between various features of these watches and, by looking at those differences, you will be able to choose the best one that suits your requirements.

Omega: Overview and design

Omega is known for producing various watches that are popular worldwide. They are known for producing the chronograph watches. Arguably, the most popular chronograph watch, Omega Seamaster Professional Co-Axial is a great example of how well the timepieces are crafted by the manufacturer.

Omega Design

It is perhaps the most popular watch among astronauts, a watch that is worn by one of the most famous undercover agent, James Bond. Moreover, it is also pretty much popular among the divers due to its quality. This watch is fit for the comparison of Omega vs Rolex watches.

The design is flawless and functionality is accurate.​

Rolex: Overview and design

When it comes to Rolex, it is known for its horological status. Starting from the small business owners to the well-known billionaires, the Rolex is probably the most popular watch in business circles.

​The models start from under $10,000, models that are their basic high-quality stainless steel watches and go over $50,000 watches that include even the watches with diamond bezels.

Rolex Design

The company has found a lot of success in gathering clients from all across the globe and when it comes to ranking, the Rolex is always among the top spots if someone talks about the best watch brands all around the world.​

While people's choice varies from one to another. Pilots might look for the watch that provides proper navigation and similar a scuba diver need fully water resistant watch.

​We are reviewing both Omega vs Rolex brands in detail so that you can choose in between them more comfortably and as per your needs.

Features Comparison of Both Omega vs Rolex Watches

We know that a product is only popular when it provides you stand out features. So, let’s talk about the features e.g bezel, casing, price, prestige and movement of the watches.

By that, you will also come to know the difference between both watches i.e. Rolex vs omega.

1. Bezel:

Hold Rolex in one hand and Omega in the other, compare the bezels. You fill find out that both are of extremely high quality and stunning design.

There is not much of a difference between the bezel of a Rolex watch and bezel of an Omega watch. The bezels are unidirectional and easily grippable.

A click sound can be heard as you turn them. The alignment in concern with the hands and dial markers is simply masterclass.​

2. Casing:

The casing of Omega watches is tremendous as it blends perfectly with the function and form. It is resistant to water. You will find that there is a beautiful monster logo at the back of the casing.

It is a very useful watch for extended time sea dives as it comes with the built-in helium release valve. Moreover, the different angles and curves make the reflection of the light different as it strikes the case.

On the other hand, the Rolex casing is simple yet elegant. It is also water resistant but the helium release feature is absent in the casing of Rolex. For some designs, there have been complaints regarding the sharp edges of the casing that causes discomfort.​

3. Movement

Rolex and Omega both have certified and dependable movement. Omega comes with a 23 jewel COSC certified movement. The company brings heavy modifications to the 21 Jewel base in order to produce the chronometer grade movement cal. 1120.

When you talk about the Rolex movement, it is a 31 jewel COSC certified movement. The company has been using this for some time now. Although some people may argue that this is not the prettiest of movement but it is still reliable.

However, Rolex comes with the longer reserve of 50 hours and Omega has it of 44 hours.​

4. Prestige

Both watches are prestigious and luxurious. Omega is known well within and outside the watch enthusiastic circles. Almost 70% of the whole world knows about the Omega as watch brand.

On the other hand, the prestige of Rolex is matchless. It is used as a standard most of the people to measure the prestige of the other brands. Even people with little or no interest in watches know Rolex as the best watch brand in the world.​

5. Price

Although both watches are almost same when it comes to functionality and durability, Omega costs almost three times less than a Rolex. A new Omega can be bought for around $3,000 while a new Rolex will cost you about $6,000 to $30,000.

The upper end is when you go for watches with diamond or gold. The more luxuries in the watch the more the price will be. Moreover, on Omega watches, you may get a discount of up to 30%-35% while most of the Rolex watches comes with fixed price tag.​

Best Picked Rolex Watches

So, after providing you with an overview of Rolex vs Omega and their features, we present to you a couple of amazing Rolex watches.

These are our picks and are known as the masterpieces from Rolex brand.​

1. Rolex Submariner Automatic Oyster Solid Gold Watch - Submariner Watch

If you are a fan of gold watches and loves to wear gold on your wrist, you must check out this Rolex submarines solid gold watch. This watch is manufactured with the help of sapphire as dial window material.

If you are a fan of gold watches and loves to wear gold on your wrist, you must check out this Rolex submarines solid gold watch. This watch is manufactured with the help of sapphire as dial window material.

The display is genuine submariner with 12mm thick case. The band of Rolex is matchless. It has always been sleek and elegant. This watch comes with the remarkable Oyster 18K solid gold band to help you wear gold on your wrist. The COSC certified movement makes the functionality of this watch reliable, and last but not the least, it is water resistant.

I bet that being a golfer, a professional sports person or a submariner, you are going to love this watch. It is available on amazon in a reasonable price.​

2. Rolex 326935 Dweller Sundust Everose Men Watch - Gluten Free Watch

This is an original Rolex watch that comes with round dial. The material of window is sapphire and it displays the time to you in analog style. The clasp is durable and its type is the fold over clasp.

With the luxurious rose gold casing material, the watch will surely make you stand out in the crowd. The date and day features make your time awareness even better. The watch comes with the perpetual mechanical, self-winding dual time zones to even if you are on a foreign trip, you can adjust your time to never miss out anything. The watch is ideal for people living luxurious live.

The watch is pretty light weight and is only of 15.84 ounces. The luxuriousness of Rolex, the rose gold impact, and the prestige is what makes this watch worthy of this price. Probably the best pick for a business personality!

Best Picked Omega watches

When you write about Omega vs Rolex and you mention your picks for Rolex but not for Omega, it is unfair. Thus, along with our picks for the best Rolex watches, we hereby provide you with our picks for the best Omega watches. Hope that you will find one among these suitable for you.

1. Omega Seamaster Black Watch - Sapphire Crystal Protect

Omega is always known for slight but unique changes that it brings in its watches. This is a perfect example of how Omega manipulates the casing of watches and make it according to modern standards.

Manufactured in 2011, this watch comes with stainless steel casing. The sleek band and simple but elegant design make this watch popular among the watch lovers. It comes with 1-year warranty. But do note that the weight of this watch is around 1.1 pounds which you may not find appropriate for yourself.​

However, the automatic self-wind movement and water resistance to the depth of 990 feet is what makes this watch perfect. It is available on amazon in an affordable price.​

2. Omega 3570.50.00 Speedmaster Professional Watch 

If you love the stainless-steel watches with black dials as much as I do, I am certain that you will not resist yourself from buying this watch. It is a perfect example of how sleek and good the Speedmaster Professional category of Omega is.

The watch comes with a black bezel and features a chronograph functionality. Moreover, the hour's markers and watch hands are luminescent. You get the mechanical hand-wind movement and the 50m water resistant depth makes it appropriate for people who love surfing and swimming.

It is also a lightweight watch with only 15.84 ounces of weight. The watch is offered in sensible price at Amazon.​

My opinion about Rolex vs Omega watches

When you talk about my opinion in concern with Rolex vs Omega, I’d say that both watches come with their own uniqueness and their own taste.

It depends on the taste of a person that what type of watch that he or she is going to opt for and what are his standards for a watch.

Both are prestigious and luxurious brands and there is no question on the quality of timepieces manufactured by them.

Final Verdicts

In short, one can say that there is not much difference when a person asks about Omega vs Rolex.

Omega has a slight edge over Rolex in concern with the movement while on the other hand, Rolex offers more prestige and luxury than Omega.

After all this, I hope that you will be able to figure out which one is best for you. Never rely on the opinion of other people. You are going to buy a watch and you are going to buy it for yourself. So, go for that one that you find appropriate for yourself!​

Ronald McKim

Ronald McKim, a watch enthusiast and analyzer. He had worked with a local watch manufacturing company as a senior manager in his young days. Apart from his career, he keeps traveling across Europe.

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