Michael Kors Watch Review (May. 2017): Buyer’s Guide

After his entry into project runway, Michael Kors brand has gained significant recognition. Most especially in his stylish yet classy looking watches. I have dedicated this article exclusively to Michael Kors watch review.

If you love looking and feeling great in addition to turning heads as you pass, this is for you. I will share my favorite picks of Michael Kors watch review in details as well. Let’s do this!​

Michael Kors Watch Review

Wait, wonder who Is Michael Kors ?

Michael Kors

Image Taken From Michael Kors's Biography

Born in New York, Kors is a mid-50’s celebrity who is also a designer by profession. He has earned immense recognition from Project Runway, a designer based reality television show. Kors has been the controversial judge on this show since 2004. In addition, he captured America’s attention by designing Michelle Obama’s first official portrait dress.

Much as he graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology, Kors women’s collection was launched in early as 1981. The launch was under his company, Michael Kors Holdings established in the same year.

The company’s growth was slow until 2006 when their first retail store was opened. Today, Michael Kors holdings have over 550 stores and more than 1500 in-store boutiques worldwide.​

Consequently, they have diversified to other products such as handbags, watches, and other accessories. Here, Michael Kors watch review will give you an insight of his competition.

Since 2014, Kors has become a favorite brand especially relevant to grown men. He competes with brands such as Louis Vuitton, Coach, and Kate Spade​

In addition, the company retails in very famous stores such as concessions and Amazon both in the U.S. and internationally. They have a net annual income of over 670 million dollars. That’s a lot of profit! I think it’s time I consider venturing into the fashion industry as well.​

Sneak Peek Of The Top Three Michael Kors Watch Review

Watch ModelDial SizeStrap MaterialWater Resistance 
Watch ModelDial SizeStrap MaterialWater Resistance
MK MK8184 Dylan Classic Watch Editors Choice45 mmBlack Rubber100 meters (330 ft) Check Price
MK MK8405 Lexington Watch45 mmStainless Steel100 meters (330 ft) Check Price
MK MK8152 Black Dylan Watch47 mmBlack Silicone100 meters (330 ft) Check Price

Top 3 Michael Kors Watches Picked For Review

Enough about Kors venture. Let me get into my favorite top three Michael Kors watches review.

1. Michael Kors MK-8184 Dylan Classic Watch - Editor's Choice

Kors has given definition to style with this classic watch. First of all, I love how big the watch looks. I can’t hide it. People will notice it regardless of the shirt you wear.

Secondly, it looks super elegant and kind of cool. Its color and design is generally one of the top features of this watch. Whereas, The watch looks heavy on first sight but it is not that heavy as it looks. The silicon band feels very comfortable.
I barely feel the weight.​

Another reason why the MK8184 tops my Michael Kors watch review is the water resistance feature. Up to 100 M (330 feet) of water depth, this watch will still function. I get to enjoy worry-free snorkeling and swimming without taking off my baby. How cool?​

Features At A Glance

  • It has a Good Stainless Steel Case with a Bezel
  • A rose gold tone
  • Colors blend is Rose Gold and Black
  • Three sub dial chronograph
  • Japanese Quartz Mechanism of a high quality.
  • Hour, minute and second hands
  • A black silicone band with a buckle closure
  • 10 ATM

It’s especially relevant to mention that you cannot dive with this watch. The sudden drop in pressure will cause damage, consequently voiding your warranty. Not to worry, though, MK8184 is well protected from scratches by a durable mineral crystal.

MK8184 - 1

In conclusion: Michael Kors MK8184 is one of my best fashionably unique timepieces. I just love how the chunky look design feels elegant. Its unique color schemes blend effortlessly with all my clothes.

Trust me, I have all sorts of fashion in my wardrobe, and this watch goes with them all. Probably this is due to the inner black dial. The white with gold hands and outline markers complement the overall eloquent look. Finally, the date window addition keeps my pocket calendar at bay.​

  • Water resistant: 
    Enduring up to 100 m of water depth
  • Very Trendy:
    MK8184 matches with any outfit. In addition, it’s unique therefore suitable for any occasion. The eccentric and stunning color scheme makes MK8184 fabulous.
  • Multi-Purpose:
    In addition to many time features, MK8184 comes with a date calendar.
  • The Silicon Band Accumulates Moisture:
    Whenever I sweat or swim with the watch, the band retains moisture. As a result, the band tends to slide and feel uncomfortable.
  • I can’t read it in the dark: the hands and markers don’t illuminate in the dark. Not a great concern for me nevertheless. Who wears a watch to know time anyway? Especially when darkness falls?

2. Michael Kors MK-8405 Lexington Watch - Classy Monochromatic Watch

This is yet another masterpiece from Kors, as I said Kors is know for its uniqueness and style. This watch is an example of his glace. It has cool unique features. The silver with black colors gives MK8405 a stylish and elegant look.

Whenever I am not in the mood for buckles, MK8405 gives me the ultimate solution. With a band that has a fold-over clasp enhanced by a double push-button for safety, MK8405 earned its position in Top 3 Michael Kors watches review.

Features At A Glance:

  • ​Silver-tone bracelet with a coin-edge bezel
  • Stainless steel case
  • Case is 45 millimeters high
  • Three sub dial chronograph
  • Japanese quartz mechanism of a high quality with analog display
  • Additional date display
  • Double push-button safety
  • Case width is approximate 44mm
  • Case depth is approximate 13mm
  • 10 ATM

Like The MK8184​, this watch allows me to swim up to 100m of water depth. It is one the best fishing watches too. The only moment I take it off is when I’m scuba diving. The chronograph quartz movement makes time reading a walk in the park. Most of all, the date function keeps me up to date.

MK8405 - 1
  • Very Classy Look: 
    There is something unique about silver. MK8405 looks incredibly classy; especially when I match with my silver bling.
  • Water resistant:
    The watch withstands 100 m of water depth.
  • Multi-purpose:
    A date calendar addition to several time features makes MK8405 multi-functional.
  • Might Feel Heavy:
    The silver metal bracelet Strap type might feel heavy for some people when worn

3. Michael Kors MK8152 Dylan Black - The Black Beauty

This is an attention-grabber piece. Made from mineral crystals, MK8152 speaks class from a distance. Other than beauty, the mineral crystals provide protection from scratches. It is meant for people who are active in their lifestyle. It looks best casually. Imagine yourself wearing this piece in an occasion with black suit, isn't it look charming? 

Moreover, you can enjoy the show without worrying about protecting your treasure. Talking of protection, I wear this watch as well while swimming without fear.

This is my favorite piece to wear to a special occasion. Probably my favorite piece whenever I need to make an impressive statement. It is a stylish piece which combines fashion with function. Be it a business presentation or a wedding ceremony where important people in my life will be present, MK8152 represents my style.​

Features At The Glance: 

  • Material – stainless steel bezel case, ceramic band, and mineral crystal dial window
  • It has 60 seconds, 30 minutes, and 24 hours sub-dials
  • Three chronograph sub-dials with a round analog display
  • 10 ATM

Finally, the watch is neither too big nor too small. With a 45 mm diameter case (10 mm thickness) and a 22 mm wide band of a standard length, the watch fits perfectly.

The dial has black markers with white hands while the band is in conventional gold color. This is a great combination to match with almost any outfit. That’s why MK8152 summarizes my favorite Michael Kors watch review.​

MK8152 - 1
  • Superior Quality:
    MK8152 is extremely durable, and the design stands out as well thought of by the manufacturer. One year later my MK8152 looks as good as new
  • Classy:
    With a great aesthetics, MK8152 is an attention grabber. Whenever I am attending corporate or formal events, this piece makes me stand out. I remember one of my senior bosses complementing my watch in a press conference.
  • Water Resistance:
    In addition to withstanding water splashes, the watch can endure 100 meters of water submission.
  • The watch cannot withstand extreme outdoor activities
  • The ticker does not light up in the dark.
  • The watch feels slightly heavy when worn.

Michael Kors Watches - The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide:

With an outstanding reputation in the fashion industry, Kors has very little to prove for his brand. In fact, the name speaks for itself. However, like every other watch brand here is a list of factors to consider when buying MKs watches.

1. Is It Real OR Fake ?

Ensure the watch you are buying contains real metals. While you may not quickly recognize a fake watch without a little experience, remember that fake metals scratch easily.

​Also with time, probably in a few months or so, the fake coating discolors. For example, gold plated or fake gold watches turn a greenish color.

If you are shopping for a relatively low budget Michael Kors Watch, focus on watches made from plastic or its composite. Or buy authentic, watches manufactured from a standard metal.​

2. Consider the material from which the strap is made.

Leather straps are a good deal if your budget allows. However, for a relatively small budget watch, invest in non-leather watches as they tend to be imitated. The good thing about Michael Kors Watches is that they either have silicon bands or stainless steel ones which are rarely imitated.

I have been a victim of a fake leather strap watch. Within no time, the straps were worn out! I learnt my lesson! Original Watches With metal bracelets, fabric straps or rubber straps are my ideal straps. I said original since poorly plated metals suffer the same fate as fake or cheap leather.​

3. Buy a Functioning Watch

Ensure the watch tells real and up to date time or date. Some people say that their MK watches lose track of time. Certainly, not my choices of Michael Kors watch review. But in that case, I would feel cheated if my Michael Kors Watch was to lose track of time.

My usual rule is that a Quartz watch will rarely fail. Even if they are still in the analog era, their accuracy of time is unbeatable. Especially the Japanese movement watches. I wonder why they still retail cheaper than the useless mechanical and automatic watches!​

You might be wondering, “So how do I know which movement my watch is made from?” Well, a quick look at the back of the watch will let you know. Or better still; look at the dial on the six o’clock position.​

4. Buy a Michael Kors Watch that suits your lifestyle best.

If you are a business tailored person whose wardrobe screams formal wear and suits, avoid sports watches. If swimming or basking along beaches is your daily lifestyle, then get a Michael Kors Watch that is water resistant.

My Michael Kors watch review above has incredible water resistant watches for you to choose.

5. Your Budget

Let me start by making something clear. I rarely get attracted to watches priced in the range of $700 to $1500. I find them overpriced for the features they claim to offer. You will agree with me that most of those watches only sell their brand name. Just because Obama or Kanye West rolls with them, they feel worthy of exorbitant price tags.

​Moving on, a daily wear watch that is affordable is what I would recommend. If your budget doesn’t allow, then it’s worth saving up. With time you can afford a better buy such as my Michael Kors watch review picks.

Finally, most watches costing less than $100 will rarely give you a fantastic movement. Therefore consider how the watch looks. Does it feel right? Do you like its appearance? If yes, by all means, go for it.

The moment you need to know accurate time or date confirmation, you’ll grab your phone. I can’t believe I just wrote that! But anyway that’s the truth of the matter. Let me call a spade a spade and not a big spoon.​

Things You Should Never Do When Buying A Michael Kors Watch

These rules apply to any watch brand you wish to buy. Whether a Michael Kors watch or any other renowned brand.

1. Never Buy An Imitate Watch

If a $15,000 Rolex is too expensive for you, by all means, stick to your lane. Getting an imitate watch at $15 will only make you look cheap. Don’t be deceived, fake gold, oversized and plastic stone-encrusted watches are a no go zone.

You can never and will never look good in those. Maybe you’ll look good in your own eyes only and that’s it!​

2. Avoid Buying Knockoffs

Expensive taste and small budget don’t marry in a bed of roses. The average consumer might believe you got the real gem, but an individual who wears the original time machines can tell it from a distance.

Avoid the embarrassment of wearing fraudulent watches. You’ll end up looking like a sick joke​.

Remember, fabric or metal straps mostly come with a quartz movement. Any dealer giving you a mechanical movement with these straps is thieving you in broad daylight! Unless you were born on a lucky day and this has been proven to happen quite rarely. Stick to the basics.​

How To Wear Your Watch Like A Fashionista

Now that you have a better understanding of MK watches, after my Michael Kors Watch Review, let me give you acumen into the fashion aspect of wrist watches. Ultimately, how you wear the watch determines your overall look.

1 . Wear your watch In The Right Position

I always prefer wearing my watch beside my wrist bone. With the face sitting next to the external bone (the ulna), I feel most comfortable.

Fashion experts recommend that a watch should be partially visible under your shirt cuff. If wearing a long-sleeved shirt, let the watch floss only when your arm is bent.​

2. The Best Wrist To Wear Your Watch

I like to wear mine on the left arm because I write with my right arm. Therefore it makes it easier for me to write and sign papers instantly.

Just make sure you wear your watch on your most convenient arm. In a way that it doesn’t distract your daily chores. At the same time, you get to protect your watch from friction with other objects.

3. Match Your Watch with Your Belt OR Shoes OR Additional Bling

Whenever I wear the above favorite watches, discussed under Michael Kors watch review, they blend easily with my outfit. If I am wearing a watch with gold or silver detail, I wear a similar chain or a belt in the same color scheme.

If my watch of the day is in black, then a black shoe complements my statement. If you are a sporty person, a sports watch goes well with sneakers. Finally, most everyday casual watches complement flip-flops and boots.​

4. Wear A Medium Sized Watch

Especially relevant to the face, an oversized watch would look ridiculous. Watch faces that are between 40mm-50mm are the most ideal. Unless maybe you are on the extra-large size, stick to the average sizes.

5. Find a Flawlessly Fitting Band

Most watch retailers offer to size your band at no extra cost. Other watches have a notch and prong system with which you can loosen or tighten your band for a perfect fit. Such watches are sports watches and dress watches. Casual watches are adjusted by removing or adding links.

As a man, a properly fitting watch gives you a confident appearance. I snugly fit my finger between the watch band and my wrist to confirm a proper fit. If it’s too tight, you’ll have some imprint on your wrist.

If it fits too loose, it will keep sliding up and down your wrist. Therefore the watch keeps disappearing down your arm. This can be very annoying when you need to check time in a hurry.​

Choose the Right Watch For the Right Event

1. Formal Events

Such events include formal dinners, weddings, theater performances, funerals, christenings, etc. Watches that are considered official are made of silver, gold, or platinum.

In other words, watches made from precious metal. These can be pricey. Precious metals are pricey, right?

Invest in one or two if you are a man of formal events. And match the metal with your cufflinks for a flattering look. Formal watches represent class and status quo.

Consequently, you can impress and make a great statement in them. I prefer not to wear a watch than to have a cheap watch make a negative impression of you in a formal event.​

2. Every Day Wear

This would be your typical watch to work. The simpler the watch, the better it is for your everyday look. Plain colors and especially black leather straps come in handy. As we discussed in Michael Kors watch review for a more durable watch, stainless steel is the best option.

3. Sports Events

If you are a sporty person, regularly engaged in activities such as racing, soccer, diving or maybe you are a coach by profession, then you need a sports watch. In addition, whenever you are accompanying your friends or kids to a sports match, your perfect deal is a sports watch.

The thing I love most about sports watches is the ability to merge design with functionality. They are extremely sturdy and survive the harsh outdoor activities quite smoothly. In addition, most of them are water resistant. They endure over hundreds of feet water submission resistance.

However, do not try to match a sports watch with a formal suit. You will have broken the number one fashion rule for wearing watches. Wear a Khaki trouser or jeans with your favorite tee shirt and sneakers for a complete fashion statement.

Michael Kors Watch Review Conclusion:

Whatever your taste or style, you can never go wrong with my three choices above. I always insist on letting your accessories complement your fashion. Go that additional mile and seek to invest in a good piece.

Consequently, you will end up looking a million dollar rich. I hope the above Michael Kors watch review makes it easier for you to find the perfect watch. If your budget allows, buy all the three pieces. You'll be awed by how well they complement your look whenever you need a quick change of style.

Ronald McKim

Ronald McKim, a watch enthusiast and analyzer. He had worked with a local watch manufacturing company as a senior manager in his young days. Apart from his career, he keeps traveling across Europe.

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